Singer Jojo becomes showstopper for fashion show “More curves to love”


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While many women may be going crazy about anorexic figures, curves are in and how… Celebrating the feeling of womanhood and also the return of curvaceous body, designer Devipiya Guha takes the pleasure of introducing the city’s only plus sized brand X n Y Chromosome. Women from different professions like teachers, lawyers, singers and even students took part in this fashion show. The show stopper for the fashion event was renowned singer Jojo.

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The designer Devipriya Guha’s stylish fashion show “More curves to love” showcased gowns, tops, designer gowns and dresses for the plus sized women. “This dress line is to encourage women to embrace themselves just the way they are. They must not feel shy due to their body weight. Hence we have selected those women who are proud of their bodies and celebrate the feeling of being big and classy. I have not yet planned to go in the men’s line as of now but I will do so in future” said Designer Devipriya Guha.

singer jojo

The ladies despite their plus sized bodies walked the ramp with great confidence and style. The current line showcases dresses and gowns that can be worn with the winter jackets. Stitched in georgette and silk, the dresses have a chic yet hi-street look to them.

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Jojo who was the showstopper of the show said “I never thought that I will become a show stopper. I give due credit to Devipriya for introducing this line as the plus sized women often do not get stylish clothes. They have to dress less stylishly. This will be a great opportunity for them to look their best and stroll about in style”.

Hence this new clothing line is a great way to dress for the plus sized women in the city.

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