Christmas Album released by Anjan Dutt and Neel Dutt; ‘It’s Chistmas Time’ by Nilanjann Nandy

christmas carols

christmas album

It’s that time of the year when the smell of cakes and puddings fill the air along with a sharp chill in the air. Though the winter chill may be playing hide and seek with the people of Kolkata, an album celebrating the Christmas spirit of the city was recently released by the father-son duo Anjan Dutt and Neel Dutt at their home in Beniapukur. Nilanjann Nandy’s Christmas album “It’s Christmas Time” was launched to celebrate this festive occasion of Christmas.

The Christmas album consists of eight evergreen Christmas songs like “O come all ye faithful”, “Silent night Holy night”, “Jingle bells” and so on. It also includes eight bonus instrumental numbers which goes hand in hand with the spirit of Yuletide. “The music arrangement, music back up and the melody/rhythm programming have been done by me. Ellora Nandy sang the duet “Silent night, Holy night” with me and Neeharika sang Silver Bells duet with me. The album was initially recorded and programmed in my own studio Whyte Magick and then the final dubbing was done in studio Feelings” said Nilanjann Nandy.

christmas album

This project was not a new idea that came to Nilanjann Nandy. According to him, this idea was buried deep in his mind which did not surface due to reasons unknown. “My love for Christmas carols began with my music sessions in school and my music teachers like Glenn Stone, Tone Menezes and my dad Batuk Nandy. They all had a great influence on me and this I think is the reason behind my making of this album on Christmas Carols” said Nilanjann Nandy.

“It’s Christmas Time” blends well with the Christmas spirit. Make sure you grab a copy and soak in the festive mood. Merry Christmas…

Priyanka Dutta

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