New Bangla Movie Hrid Majhare Preview; A Story Based on Shakespearean Theories of Love

new bangla movie hrid majhare

new bangla movie hrid majhareDr. Debjani (played by Raima Sen) meets a dynamic & confident university professor, Abhijit Mukherjee (played by Abir Chatterjee). Abhijit Mukherjee teaches Mathematics at the university. Dr. Debjani falls in love with Abhijit. Hrid Majhare is a mature story about life-changing passionate romance, where both the protagonists are scholars. The script of Hrid Majhare mainly revolves around the journey of a mature and sophisticated professor, his inner conflict as he goes through the ups and downs in life and evolving romantic alliance with a sensitive Doctor. Hrid Majhare is basically a love story between a professor named Abhijit and Debjani who’s a cardiologist. When Debjani and Abhijit take a much-needed break and head off to the Andamans, they have no idea what is in store for them. A casual trip changes the whole equation of their relationship.

According to Director Ranjan Ghosh, the main theme of Hridh Majhare has been inspired by classical Shakespearean theories of love, jealousy and fate. Why and how an intelligent and confident man like Professor Abhijit Mukherjee loses psychological composure and power of reasoning, whether his affair with Debjani helps him come out of this situation or will he be even more depressed, form the backbone of this film. The songs, which are being used in the film have been scored by Mayookh Bhaumik and another versatile filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly has penned the lyrics. Daughter of Pandit Ajay Chakraborty and wife of famous classical singer Parthasarathy Desikan, Mrs. Kaushiki Desikan has been roped in to sing one of the tracks.

During 1979 legendary director Tapan Sinha shot ‘Sabuj Dwiper Raja’ in the islands. It was an adventure film and ranked among the most popular Bengali films for children. The cast and crew of the film flew off to Port Blair in Andaman Islands to shoot a fair portion of Hrid Majhare. Ranjan Ghosh has shot in some striking locales of Port Blair, Chidiya Tapu, Munda Pahar Beach, Wandoor Beach, Marina Bay, Public library, Rose Island and the Cellular Jail for over ten days.

The new Bangla Movie Hrid Majhare, which is a new-age Tollywood feature film is being directed by Ranjan Ghosh, after an interval of 33 years and is produced by Aayan Kar.

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