New Bangla Movie Amra Paanch Specially Screened for Two Hundred Children of NGO Refuge


new bangla movie amra paanch

Christmas was made special for the children of NGO “Refuge” when they were brought to Prachi Cinema hall for the special screening of the New Bangla Movie Amra Paanch. About two hundred children from the NGO were brought for the special screening of the film.

Chaitali Das, a class four student who stays in the NGO Refuge was visibly excited about the screening of the film. “This is the first time that I will be watching a film on the big screen. We have a holiday today and all of us have come to see the film” said the student of class four.

Producer Mrigendra M Dhar who was also present at the special screening for the children said “Children movies are hardly made these days. I am happy that I made this film for the children. They also need entertainment and this is what we do not give much importance to. This special screening came to my mind as I wanted to gift these children of the NGO a special gift during the Christmas. They have never watched a film on the big screen and I just hope they will like the film”.

Social worker Ritoma was present at the occasion of the special screening. She was distributing food and gifts for the children who came for the screening of the film. “I love kids and this is the reason why I am here to spend time with them. In my own small way I am trying my best to do something for them. This gives me immense satisfaction and also happiness” said Ritoma.

The children’s reaction after the film ended showed that they really enjoyed the film as much as the organizers had hoped they will.

Priyanka Dutta

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