New Kolkata Bangla Movie Parapar starring Rituparna Sengupta and Bangladeshi Actor Rubel being Shot in Kolkata

New Kolkata Bangla Movie Parapar

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The shooting of Sanjay Nag’s upcoming Bengali feature film Parapar began with the shooting sequence at Dhurjotidham near Belgachia. The cast of the film which includes Rituparna Sengupta, Rubel (An actor from Bangladesh) and Anisha Mondal was present at the shooting.

In between the shots, the director Sanjoy Nag gave us a sneak peek into the story of the New Kolkata Bangla Movie Parapar . “The film is about a man who was in jail for fourteen long years. The response that he gets from his wife and children when he comes back after the sentence is what the film deals with” said the director. When asked about his reason for casting Rubel in the role, the director said that he could think of nobody else who can do full justice to the role. The shooting of the film will also take place in Budge Budge and Behala.

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Anisha Mondal who is portraying the role of the daughter of the protagonist is a firm believer in feminism. She found the character of the film quite similar to her real life self. The student of Jadavpur University is a strong follower of Sylvia Plath and Mayer Angelo.

When asked about his preparation for this particular role, Rubel said “I did not get a long time to prepare for the role. I got a briefing over the telephone over six months back. I agreed to the proposal. After coming to Kolkata, I sat with Sanjay da to get an in-depth understanding about my character which will enable me to portray the role in a realistic manner”. The actor was all praises for his co-actor Rituparna Sengupta. “She is very comfortable to work with. She never makes me feel that I am new in this industry” said Rubel.

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Rituparna Sengupta plays the character of Damini, a housewife and a working woman. “I play the mother of two kids and my daughter is a feminist. The challenge in this role is to bring out the shades in the woman whose husband comes back home after fourteen years in prison. I have portrayed women centric characters before and this character has a sense of great self respect which I need to portray well. I am glad I get to play such diverse roles” said the actress

New Kolkata Bangla Movie Parapar looks promising from the story and the concept. We will have to wait and watch to see how the film ultimately turns out to be.

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