International Kite Festival Vokatta held in Kolkata; Receives Great Response from Kite Enthusiasts

International Kite Festival Vokatta

For the first time ever, the City of Joy Kolkata witnessed the International Kite Festival Vokatta. The festival was organized by the Benchmark New Town Kolkata International Kite Festival Trust and took place at the Eco Tourism Park in Kolkata.

Vokatta is the biggest organized kite festival in Eastern India. It is a great platform to showcase the rich heritage of Indian kite making and also the traditional technique of kite flying which evolved through the ages to modern day India. Vokatta started in 2013 and it promises to become one of the most awaited festivals for the city of joy. Participants from all over the country as well as from abroad participated in this festival. Dilip Kapadia (recipient of Arjuna Award), Bhavna Mehta (first Indian woman kite flyer), Rajesh Nair, Sundara Murthy, V. Gopala Roy, Jamsed Turnur and Mahesh Chavda were the participants from India. The international participants included Barbara Meyer (USA), Johan Van Eeckhout (Belgium), Vinita Vij (Belgium), Robert William Cruikshanks (UK), Raymond Euphemia De Graaf (Netherland), Mohammad Noor and Azemi Bin Ariffin (Malaysia), Gadis Widiyati (Singapore) and Maksum Maksum (Indonesia).

The main attractions of the kite festival were the inflatable Delta Zero Wind Kites (Big Blue Beasts from Belgium) which were ten meter by five meter in diameter. The LED kite costs about ten thousand US dollars. The Kite Arial Photography by famous French kite flier and arial photographer Nicholas Chorier also thrilled the audience considerably. A hot air balloon show for the children aged between eight to fourteen years was also organized. The children could go for rides in the hot air balloon for free. The organizers also showcased the rich heritage and history of kite flying with the Kite Gallery.

The International Kite festival in its maiden year gathered immense support from the people and we hope that this will continue in the coming years. Vokatta…!!!

Priyanka Dutta

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