Tollywood Directors of 2013 who Made a Mark; Sholoana Bangaliana Ranks the Top Five

Tollywood Directors

The Year 2013 will always be remembered as a Landmark in the history of Modern Bangla Cinema and the credit for doing such great work goes to the Tollywood Directors. Sholoana Bangaliana salutes these magicians and master story tellers and hopes that they will continue to enrich the Land of the legend Satyajit Ray with more meaningful cinema over the years.


Kaushik Ganguly

Kaushik Ganguly is the undisputed Numero Uno Tollywood Director for the year 2013. His masterstroke with ‘Shobdo’ made Bangla film proud at the National level for the uniqueness of its content. By the end of 2013, Kaushik Ganguly once again acquired the limelight when his unreleased new film ‘Apur Panchali’ won the ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Goa International Film Festival 2013.
Sholoana Bangaliana salutes this new-age master storyteller for his all round brilliance.


Kamaleshwar Mukherjee

Though Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay has recently been a lot in news owed to his new movie, the Dev starrer ‘Chander Pahar’ Sholoana Bangaliana would like to acknowledge his directorial finesse for his previous release ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara 2013’. We really appreciate Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s passion and drive for taking up such a challenging subject and going ahead with his creative vision. He stood against the marketing trends and gifted us with one of the most cerebral feature films of the year, which paid a much needed cinematic tribute to one the greatest creative minds of global cinema, Ritwik Ghatak. The film reflected Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay’s ‘out of the box’ intellect and love for Indian Cinema. The effort that Mr. Mukherjee has put in to make the grand Chander Pahar has also earned him extra brownie points from the critics and audience alike which makes him the undisputed Number Two in the list of Tollywood’s favorite directors.

Srijit Mukherji

Srijit Mukherji, irrespective of the position that people chose to give him, is the undisputed ‘Hit Maker’ of Tollywood. He is one director whose movies, released, in the making or about to be released are discussed with equal enthusiasm by the Bengalis of Bengal and the Probashis. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is Srijit who makes movies that are in sync with today’s generation. Be it the choice of subjects or the casting, his brilliance as a director shines out in every aspect and his last release Mishawr Rawhosyo is a blazing example of the same. Though Sholoana Bangaliana ranks Srijit Third in the list he is surely the people’s king and the number one for the masses.

Raj Chakraborty

A very talented, dynamic yet humble director, Raj Chakraborty is one man who can skip the line in no time and make it to the top. Though usually caught in the mesh of South Indian remakes that fail to leave a mark, Raj’s first attempt at Originality, Proloy left the audience wanting for more. Raj’s brilliance shone bright with his very first attempt both in terms of Box Office collections and audience reaction. Very much capable of handling flamboyant as well as serious cinema with élan Raj finishes number four in our list of best Tollywood directors.


Indranil Roychowdhury

Indranil Roychowdhury left the select few talking and thinking with his very first attempt, Bangla Movie Phoring which owed to insufficient promotion, marketing and other distribution issues tanked at the Box Office. Though not commercially successful, Phoring in all aspects defines brilliant cinema and the director’s grasp over the art. Had he been supported well by the commercials, Indranil and his movie Phoring would have surely been the game changers in 2013.

A Sholoana Bangaliana Team Effort

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