Interview: Tollywood Hero Abir Chatterjee on New Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger and Bonding with Superstar Jeet

Tollywood Hero Abir Chatterjee

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kolkata tollywood hero AbirTollywood Hero Abir Chatterjee, the man who has been mesmerizing the audience with mind blowing performances in Bengali Movies like Byomkesh Bakshi, Meghe Dhaka Tara and others will again be seen in a scintillating role in the upcoming Bengali film Royal Bengal Tiger which will be releasing on the January 31. The man who has been gaining success in both the commercial and the not so commercial ventures has created a special place for himself in the hearts of many.

Abir Chatterjee plays the role of Abhirup in the new Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger. Speaking about his role, the actor said “The character of Abhirup is one with whom I could relate very easily. The moment I heard the script, I knew I will be able to portray it. This is one character which is present in all of us. His fears are what make him a representative of the common man. He leads the life of a common man, goes to office, has a loving family and so on and just like any common man there are things which he still yearns to get. He dreams of getting a promotion. He fears that if he tries and makes a difference something may happen to his family. This is what we all have within us. Abhirup is very close to me”.

The look of the actor in this film is very different from the lean, handsome look that we get to see him in. The actor pointed out that this was the idea of the director Rajesh Ganguly. This is also the first time that the actor will be seen sporting a moustache. “I have never sported a moustache for any film till date and this is the first time. I could keep the moustache simply because the film was shot at a stretch. Smriti from Mumbai did the styling and she also urged me to keep the moustache” added the actor. Since he is the representative of the common man, this plain simple look has been given so much importance. The director wanted that he must look like someone whom we meet every day on the streets and not someone out of the blue. For Abir, “The character of Abhirup is that of a common man. He is not much concerned about his looks. He will not spend a huge amount of money on facials or on expensive clothes. Rather he will be focusing on keeping his family happy and spending time with them”.

Sipping on black tea, the actor said that he was thoroughly excited shooting for this film. Rajesh Ganguly is the first director who asked the actor to eat more so that he can gain some weight and look older than he actually is and even develop a nice round pot belly. “I used to be scolded by many directors for my body weight. Rajesh is the only director who asked me to gain weight and I had a blast as I could gorge on cakes and pastries without any feeling of guilt. Hence I am now making up by sipping on black tea” added the actor with a grin.

This is the first time that Abir Chatterjee has done a film with actor Jeet. Commenting on the shooting experience, the actor was full of praises for Jeet, his co-actor. “I was very excited the moment I heard that Jeet will be shooting with me. The kind of charisma and macho feel that the character of Anjan has fits Jeet very much. The character is tailor made for him. The main part of the story is dependent on the friendship between me and Jeet. This is the spine of the story. We share a good chemistry and this will show in the film. Despite having been a commercially successful star, he is very humble and does not have any airs. We enjoyed all erratic shooting schedules together and I have even asked him for his approach for doing certain scenes. He has helped me a lot. We did a photo shoot together earlier after we became fathers which was another very good experience. I never felt intimidated with him around. It was great fun. Our friendship has become stronger after the completion of the shooting of this movie”.

Abir Chattejee also laid stress on the importance of team work that he found in this film. Rajesh Ganguly, the director and Neeraj Pandey, the producer have worked all round the clock to make this film. “The way they have been working forced us to perform better. They have been toiling hard to make this film and hence we simply could not laze around. Everyone in the sets gave their hundred percent for the film”.

The actor who was sipping on black tea without sugar and cookies was questioned on this strange food choice. “It is very important to be happy at heart. Otherwise no amount of gym exercises will help you out. Hence the sweetness in the cookie will make up for the lack of sugar in my tea” said Abir with a hearty laugh.

We wish Abir all the best for this role in this new Bengali Film and hope he will achieve great acclaim both from the audience and the Movie critic alike.


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