Jatishwar Premiere Report in Pics and Video; A Musical Evening for the Musical of Memories

Jatishwar Premier

“A Genius is Not One Who can Do and Understand a Lot of Things but is One Who can Understand the Importance of a Lot Many Things”, Said by Bernard Shaw and quoted by none other than Kabir Suman on the evening of January 17, 2014 at the Premiere function of New Bengali Movie Jatishwar and as we might have already guessed, the above mentioned quote was meant for no one else but the ‘Hit Maker’ Director Srijit Mukherji.

The evening of January 17 will be remembered in the history of Bengali Cinema as it is on this day that a movie like Jatishwar which can very well be called an archive of one phase of Bengal’s Musical Revolution was screened for guests and the media.

As the Bengali Film Jatishwar has been called a ‘Musical of Memories’, it had a fitting premiere as, right outside Priya Cinema Hall, the premiere venue, a stage was set for live music performance by Bangla Band Dohar led by Mr. Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee who has also played the role of Lalon Fakir in the movie Jatishwar. The surprise element and the high point of the evening was the performance by three renowned Kobiwalas or Kabiyals who were later felicitated by the team for their outstanding contribution to the culture of the land. Sri. Sanath Biswas, Md. Kairali and Dulali Devi who had all come from various districts of Bengal enthralled the audience with their live Kobi Gaan and received a standing ovation from the audience present. Their act was so different and mesmerizing that even Kabir Suman rushed up to the stage to play the harmonium and accompany the bards of Bengal. Not just the Kobiwalas, even Bengali Band Dohar’s performance, specially the song ‘Jaat Gelo’ was wonderfully received by the audience present at the Jatishwar Premiere function.

Kabir Suman who addressed the assembled guests also spoke at length about the origin of Kobi Gan and Bengal now and then. “The people of Bengal at one point in time were very free spirited and also very expressive but owed to certain socio-political changes in this great land, a kind of leveling happened and people started expressing themselves in a very mellowed down and refined way which became the primary cause of all the damage that was done to the various modes of expression of which Kobi Gaan was also a part”, said Kabir Suman. Elaborating on this cultural leveling and gradual erosion of Bengal’s heritage, Kabir Suman also suggested that the people of Bengal should come together and appeal to the President of India Sri. Pranab Mukherjee and the Chief Minister of Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee to take an initiative to archive these precious fragments of history so that our progeny does not have to grow up in a state of cultural destitution. Kabir Suman ended his long but gripping speech thanking the producers for having faith in Srijit and his team and most importantly the subject of the movie and finally commanding the audience present to watch this wonderful movie again and again.

The man of the moment, Director Srijit Mukherji finally took charge of the stage and introduced the cast and crew of the team before quickly signing off to let the Musical of Memories begin and So It Began …….

Jatishwar Premiere Live Performance by Dohar (You Tube)




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