Strings of Passion Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Bold Attempt by Director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri

strings of passion movie review

Strings of Passion Movie Review

The premiere show of the film Strings of Passion took place recently at Inox Swabhumi. Present at the premiere show were director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri and actress Sangita. Zeenat Aman, Rajesh Sharma and Indrani Halder are the other cast members of this new movie but they could not make it to the premiere show due to other work commitments.

The film tells the story of three friends namely- Neel, Manu and Amit. The trio has a band named Strings of Passion. The film tells the story of how the boys go through various emotional turbulences in their personal lives. Neel is brought up in a broken family with only his father as the guardian (played by Rajesh Sharma) and in a home devoid of any kind of love and affection Neel’s only solace is his grandmother. When his father brings Insia (Indrani Halder) home, a relationship develops between Neel and Insia about which his father finds out, leading to further trouble. Eventually, Neel and his father’s fiancée run away to Delhi in search of peace and marital bliss.

The second part of the film is about Manu whose dominating mother (Played by Zeenat Aman) influences him so much that he develops a feminine trait. Though he is very much a male, his behavioral traits are similar to that of women. This makes him look like a gay and he becomes a victim of gang rape. He commits suicide when his lady love Komal also dumps him after the gang rape.

The third part of the story is about Amit who after these two incidents becomes heartbroken and insecure. He goes to his maternal uncle’s house. He meets a village girl named Tuktuki and falls in love with her. They become physically involved and Amit leaves for Mumbai due to his job. Tuktuki gets pregnant and his parents force her to undergo an abortion. It is with the help of Neel and Insia later on, that they are reunited.

Director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri must be applauded for the conviction with which she has presented the issues in her films. A brave attempt no doubt. The highlighting on the fact that even boys get raped or the fact that love can spark off between two individuals of any age has been brought out wonderfully. The flow of the story is also smooth. The breaking of the film into chapters also gives the film a unique treatment. The only hitch which one will feel is the use of Bengali words and statements in prominent Hindi dialogues. This spoils the flow of the movie.

Riju Samanta’s camera work is quite sloppy and spoils the movie in more ways than one. Right from the lights to the shots, flaws could be pointed out everywhere.

The acting by veteran actors like Zeenat Aman, Rajesh Sharma, Indrani Halder as well as that of the new actors like Sangita and Shubh are commendable. The young group of actors has been able to ably match the acting prowess of the veterans.

Music by Dev Sikdar and Sidhu/ Saqi matches well with the flow of the film. Bhanwra and Majhi re will stay with you even after you have left the hall.

Strings of passion is indeed made with a lot of passion but would have made a mark at the box office had all the aspects been carefully looked into. This new Movie should be watched for Director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri’s efforts and her attempt at presenting such a bold topic on screen.

Strings Of Passion Official Trailor

Strings of Passion Movie Review by Priyanka Dutta

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