Interview: Eder Messias, Brazilian Comic Artist who has added the Master Strokes to the Graphic Novel Devi Chaudhurani

Eder Messias

Eder Messias interview

It is our pleasure to introduce Eder Messias, the guest artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil who contributed in the Graphic Novel ‘Devi Chaudhurani’. To get to know more about this rising talent we conducted an interview with Eder and he was nice and kind enough to oblige us despite his busy schedule.

Eder Messias interview

Sholoana Bangaliana: Hi Eder, please tell us a little about yourself and your career in comics.

Eder:  I started my career in comics with Rascunho Studio in December 2010 with a Graphic Novel called ‘Assassin and Son’. A book that tells the story of a murderer who decides to leave his life of crime after raising a family, but he saw that this decision would not be as easy as he imagined . It was a crime noir action drama and a very fun book to draw. The full book was around 350 pages, and I spent a  whole year drawing the book. I also host workshops and teach young artists in the field of comics and animation. Presently I am also doing a lot of commissioned artwork.

 Eder Messias Interview

Eder Messias Interview

Eder Messias Interview

Eder Messias Interview

Sholoana Bangaliana:  How did Devi Chaudhurani happen for you? How did Shamik get in touch with you?

Eder: I have known Shamik approximately for 6 years. I met him through the Social Media platform of Orkut and we became good friends. Shamik’s work in Indian comics fascinated me, especially Ramayan 3392 AD. For a long time we have been trying to do a book together, but due to circumstances it was not working out. However, when the opportunity came with his new Graphic Novel Devi Chaudhurani, I grabbed it readily. It is really great fun to work with him. Though it was just approximately 8 pages of Devi which I did, I had a gala time working on them.

Eder Messias Interview

Sholoana Bangaliana: We Indians especially people in Kolkata are crazy about football, and we are huge fans of the Brazilian team but we never knew Brazil had such a rich culture of Comics as well. Many Brazilian and Latin American artists work with big companies like DC or Marvel. Some of them are on the top tier of artists in these companies. Please tell us more about the culture of comic books in Brazil. Who are the most prominent and famous Brazilian artists in comic book industry?

Eder: Very true, Brazil is growing every day in the Comics art. After football and movies, comics are the most popular form of entertainment here in Brazil. Everywhere you will see a school of design training people in comics and animation. People are making careers on comic and graphic novel art, I myself am a teacher of Art and Comics, Manga, cartoon, caricature. A lot of Brazillian artists work with big American and international houses like DC, Marvel and others. Some of the most popular and talented Brazilian artists in Comics are Mike Deodato, Ivan Reis, Ed Benes Daniel Hdr my friend and my neighbor RB Silva. Among comic book fans of Brazil these people are as popular as Kaka, Ronaldo, Grarrincha or even Pele.

Mike Deodato

(Mike Deodato, one of Marvel’s top artist, has worked on Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Avengers)


(Ivan Reiss, one of DC’s top artists worked on Green Lantern, Superman, Justice League and others)


(Ed Benes, one of the veteran artists of DC Comics, worked on Supergirl, Birds of Prey, Justice League and others)

Sholoana Bangaliana: This is the first time a Brazilian artist has worked with an India based company and in an Indian Graphic Novel. What prompted you to work in a book which is intrinsically Indian in nature? What attracted you towards the story of Devi Chaudhurani?

Eder:  What attracted me? Why, the sheer wealth in history, the richness in detail. Indian culture and art has got fascinating details, and your country is filled with beautiful women, objects, clothes and buildings. Moreover I always love to draw girls and since this book has got a strong female kick ass protagonist I was immediately drawn towards it. Regarding the story, I must honestly say I got a very vague outline but the gist was exciting enough. It is about this young woman and her followers fighting the Invading foreign imperialists. It is a story of revolution and as you know we Latin Americans have got a thing for revolutions, moreover, what’s better than seeing an attractive woman heading that?Eder Messias InterviewSholoana Bangaliana: Would you like to collaborate with Indian comic companies and writers in future?

Eder: Oh surely, I love Indian concepts and themes. Shamik always discusses them and I am drawn towards them. This was just a short stint of 8 odd pages, but I would surely like to do full books. Any writers or publishers interested?

Sholoana Bangaliana: This might sound a little silly, but do you play football as well?

Eder: Hahaha…almost everyone here in Brazil plays football. I do too and as a matter of fact I am quite good at it. If I had not been a comic artist and designer, I would have surely become a football player.+

Sholoana Bangaliana: Thank you Eder for sharing your thoughts with us, we would be looking forward to your work in Devi Chaudhurani.

Eder: The pleasure is mine, and hey all of you reading this…buy the book, I swear this is gonna be a great enjoyable read for you all, and watch out for my work!

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