Bengali Dance Drama Pushpo Bashor now available in CDs; Colorful Extravaganza by Children

Bengali Dance Drama

Bengali Dance Drama

Dance dramas or musicals which narrate stories entirely through poetic/rhyming dialogues, songs and dances have been popularized by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. With education becoming multi-dimensional these days, such musicals open up avenues for children to showcase their talent and learn simultaneously. Shuvan Sarada was formed by Sumita Ghosh with the primary intent to hone the artistic skills of people who want to remain associated with the creative field. Love for children and passion for music led to the formation of this multi-creativity centre.

Bengali Dance Drama

Dance dramas incorporate characters from nature and fairy tales which are familiar for kids to relate to. They help in bringing out the central theme through lively choreography and musicals. With that in mind and to revive the concept of dance dramas, Sumita Ghosh’s “Pushpo Bashor” (A rendezvous with flowers) brings a remarkable tale of seven flowers in the backdrop of the wedding of the Princess and Prince of the flower kingdom. The CD of this dance drama was launched by Amit Roy, Kohinoor Sen Borat, Sashi Bhai, Chandan Dey Sarkar, Rajat Dey Sarkar and Sumita Ghosh. The high point of this musical is the use of different styles of dance (Both Indian classical and western), rhyming dialogues set to catchy tunes and vibrant costumes for the act. Light displays, props and shadow effects accentuate the drama.

Bengali Dance Drama

The children of this multi-creativity centre showed their talent with some spirited dance and song performances. The children also showcased the dance drama Pushpo Bashor for the assembled audience. The colorful costumes and the rhyming dialogues surely are a treat to behold for the audience, especially the children.

Bengali Dance Drama

This Bengali dance drama album will be brought out by Gathani Music Company. Well known artists like Haimanti Shukla, Srikanto Acharya, Monomoy Bhattacharya, Bhaswati Dutta, Koushik Sen, Shampa Kundu has contributed immensely to the making of this dance drama. Sumita Ghosh’s upcoming release consists of a music album called “Ashar Prodeep” which has been composed by her and the music arrangement has been done by renowned music arranger Durbadol Chatterjee.

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