Restaurant Square 4O5 Celebrates Szechwan Festival; Consulate General of China Declares the Festival Open

Szechwan Festival

Restaurant Square 4O5 in Mani Square Mall Kolkata is the city’s newest entrant into the food marquee and has already started creating a buzz amongst the Kolkata Food lovers owed to its very different and delicious cuisine and strikingly vibrant ambience.

In keeping with its vision of presenting something rare and different to the foodies of the city, Square 4O5 has organized a ‘Szechwan Festival’ that will be on till February 2 and will not only celebrate the great taste of Chinese food but also set the mood right for the celebrations of the Chinese New Year. This one-of-a-kind food festival was declared open on January 24, 2014 in the presence of Honorable Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Wang Xuefeng, Chef Sanjay Llama, the team of Square 4O5 and the media.

Speaking at the occasion, His Excellency said, “It has just been three weeks that I have arrived in India and I am really overwhelmed with the kind of hospitality that I have received from the people of this city. Relations between India and China have always been great and such cultural exchanges further help in boosting the good relations between the two countries. I would also like to welcome all of you to China and can assure you that whenever you contact the consulate for any kind of help we shall be more than willing to help in more ways than one”. Along with speaking to the media about the food festival and the Indo-China relations, His Excellency also helped Chef Llama in preparing the Chinese dish Stir Fried Pokchoy with Shitake Mushrooms that the chef demonstrated for the assembled guests. The ease with which His Excellency handled the wok and the chopsticks in order to lay the food on the serving tray made it very evident that he is a regular at the kitchen when home and when asked he said, “I cook almost 4-5 times a week at home, not only because I enjoy cooking but also because I am a better cook than my wife”.

Delicious Chinese dishes like Tofu Satay, Drums of Heaven Shangdong, Pan Fried Chilli Fish, Kung Pao Chicken and such others that were presented for the opening ceremony made a pleasant sight, tickling the taste buds of one and all present, thus sealing the fact that the assembled guests would invariably become regulars at this great eatery as one can definitely not try out all of the great stuff available here in just one visit.

Square 4O5, with this one-of-a-kind food festival has brought the people of Kolkata closer to the Chinese culture which is already so vibrant and pulsating within the veins of the city.

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