Bengali Movie on LGBT Community Ochena Bondhutto Ready to Release

Bengali Movie on LGBT Community

Bengali Movie on LGBT Community

The upcoming Bengali Movie on LGBT Community Ochena Bondhutto deals with the burning issue of recent times. The film directed by Hrishikesh Mondol has Usoshi Chakraborty, priyam, Tista Das, Eena, Devika Mukhopadhyay, Dulal Lahiri, Simika Ray, Raja Chatterjee, Bhaskar Haldar, Sujoy Bhowmick, Aditya, Kamal, Nimu Bhowmick, Subrata Koushik Samadar in important roles in the film.

Bengali Movie on LGBT Community

The story of the film is about the relationship between director Niladri Roy and B.A. third year student Arjun. Arjun is the rhythm guitarist of Bengali band Obhuthan. Arjun met Niladri during one of the performances by the band. Many of the band members think that they are gay and have a physical relationship. Arjun understands this and informs Niladri. But Niladri does not pay much attention to it. Arjun meanwhile falls in love with a girl called Sushmita. On getting to know this Niladri suffers from a feeling of insecurity. Niladri’s wife Payel fights for the rights of the LGBT community. However Arjun tries to distance away from Niladri as he just cannot understand the change that has come about in Niladri’s behavior. He moves away from Niladri’s life. Why does Arjun move away from Niladri’s life? Is it due to his love for his band or for fear that people will also call him a homosexual? The audience will have to wait for the film to get released.

Bengali Movie on LGBT Community

The music of this film has been composed by Saki and Neel. Chandan Dodo Roy has also done some musical score for this film. Sidhu (Sidhartha Ray of Cactus), Pota, Tania and Rupam Islam have lent their voices to the songs in this film.

Ochena Bondhutto deals with a very topical issue and it will surely appeal to the readers once it releases across cinema halls all over the city.

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