Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger Trailer Launched; Jeet-Abir duo Promise a Blockbuster

Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger Trailer

Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger Trailer

“Fear is just a state of the mind”  this statement by Tollywood Hero Jeet can practically be the one line summary for the New Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger that has Jeet, Abir Chatterjee, Priyanka and Shraddha Das in pivotal roles. The trailer launch of this much awaited film took place at London-Paris, Mukti World Kolkata recently. Present at the trailer launch were Jeet, Abir, director Rajesh Ganguly and producer Neeraj Pandey.

Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger Trailer

Speaking about his character, Abir said “I play a common man named Abhirup whom you will often see as your next door neighbor. He has common dreams and aspirations like getting a promotion or keeping his family happy. The fear in him is what I could relate with when I first heard the script. His life changes when he meets his friend after a long time friend. What happens to this common man is the big question here and the answer lies only in the movie”. The actor also for the first time will be seen sporting a moustache in this film. Abir was very excited about the look as he could munch on good food and did not have to go on diet. “This is the first time a director allowed me to eat so that I could look the part that I play in the film” added the actor with a smile.

Jeet who plays the role of the friend, is portraying a macho character in this film. “I will not reveal much about my character. You will have to wait for the film to see it. The bonding between my character and that of Abir’s is the spine of the film” said Jeet. The actor was full of praises for Tollywood Hero Abir and even said “He is a fantastic actor to work with. He is a hard working and dedicated person. I was very comfortable working with him”.

Bollywood Producer Neeraj Pandey

Neeraj Pandey, the producer said “This is a drama thriller. Jeet and I have known each other for many years now and I was aware that he was eager to do a different kind of role. Hence when I was writing the script, I approached him and he agreed to do the film. I was born and brought up in Kolkata; hence the setting of this new Bengali film is in Kolkata itself”. The film has just one song. Neeraj Pandey, who looks quite optimistic about the movie, also said that he would definitely think about re-making the movie in Hindi if it does well with the home audience here.

The Bengali Movie Royal Bengal Tiger Trailer has already set the ball rolling and the audience is eagerly waiting for January 31, 2014 to watch the movie in theaters.

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