Sufi Sutra 2014 Mesmerizes Kolkata Music Lovers; International Teams Participate

Sufi Sutra 2014

Music has always been the connecting link between souls and this connect becomes stronger and clearer when the music in the air is Sufiana. The music lovers of Kolkata spent three beautiful evenings from January 31 to February 2 with Sufi singers from Bangladesh, Iran, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Rajasthan, Punjab and West Bengal as a part of the Sufi Music festival Sufi Sutra 2014 which was held at Mohar Kunj Kolkata.

This one of a kind festival which is now in its fourth year has mesmerized the music lovers whenever it has come back to the city as from Whirling Dervishes to Flamenco to Mugam Music to Baul, every form of music that flows unhindered right from the heart can be heard in these three days.

Over 30,000 music enthusiasts attended this festival not only to enjoy the soulful music that could be heard all around but also for the festive spirit that the festival brings with its many handicrafts and food stalls. Along with all the festivities that the festival promises, it also acts as a platform for healthy cultural exchange.

The concluding day of the festival was made special with performances by teams from Sweden, Denmark and Rajasthan. While Sweden started the evening, Denmark took it to a high with percussionist Simona Abdallah’s beats to finally end the day and the festival with a grand performance by the team from Rajasthan.

After having mesmerized the audience of Kolkata, the festival will now travel to Patna and Delhi to flood the cities with amazing soulful music.

Photographs By: Sagnik Jaiswal

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