Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara Movie Review; Buy Tickets at Your Own Risk

Saare Chauttor Ghoshpara

Saare Chauttor GhoshparaAfter watching or rather tolerating the film “Shaare Chuattor Ghoshpara”, I want to thank God and the director duo of Soumyo – Supriyo for not even trying to remake or even remotely make a new adaptation of the immensely popular film “Shaare Chuattor” starring the hit pair of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. That would have been disastrous for the Bengali audience.

The story of the film goes like this. Sagnik, Ani and Koushik are three close friends who live as paying guests. They have their dreams and aspirations. One wants to make a name in the field of acting, another as a boxer and the third in the field of music. However financial constraints become an issue for them. It is at this juncture that they come to know that a girl named Piu is missing and whoever can find them will get one crore as a reward. Piu is actually the daughter of Don Google Biswas. They however come to know that this missing girl is living in a house opposite them. The landlord of the house had also seen the missing advertisement and even he and his wife were targeting Piu. What happens next? Do they get the one crore rupees or the landlord gets the amount? And what happens to the dreams of the three friends?

Does the story increase your interest? It may, but once you sit in the dark hall, you will look everywhere to get rid of this torture that you see on screen. The direction which could have done wonders to this story is not up to the mark. The director duo fails miserably. Neither is the plot humorous nor does it evoke any other emotion apart from misery.

To add to this crisis, the actors also do not contribute much to the betterment of this film. Vivek Trivedi, Arnab Banerjee, Samir Ranjan Biswas all fail to do anything substantial in the acting department. Vivek and Arnab are too stocky for comfort. Even after doing a couple of films, they are yet not comfortable in front of the camera. Partha Sarathi Chakraborty and Pamela however do justice to their roles. But their performance fades in front of the huge miserable performances given by the other actors in this film.

Compared with the state of direction and acting in this film, the music department has been well handled by Ashok Bhadra. But I hardly feel any audience will remember the music due to the torture that they will have to bear in form of this film.

Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara is neither a comedy film nor is a buddy film. It is just a tasteless “Khichudi”.

Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara Movie Review by Priyanka Dutta

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