Singur Movie Review; An Average Fare that Had Immense Scope of Good Work

Singur Moivie Review

Singur Moivie ReviewRemember the incident of the five year old child Prince who fell in a bore well and was later rescued after forty eight hours by the Army? If you have forgotten the incident, then “Singur-a rescue operation” will be a way of refreshing your memory. The premiere of this film took place recently at Nandan with the director and the cast members present at the premiere show.

The film is about a child named Poltu who crawls and falls in the bore well dug outside the house. Sudha, Poltu’s mother is unaware of it. It is after searching for the child that she realizes the gravity of the situation. Sudha calls her husband from work and also asks for help from the villagers. The villagers become tensed and they ask for help from the police. The police refuse initially. It is however after the media reports the incident that the police come to the scene. However they are unable to bring the child out of the bore well. The army is called and a lady officer heads the group. This creates resentment in the mind of Poltu’s grandmother. After much hardship and sacrificing two officers, the army is able to bring Poltu out of the well.

The story is based on a real life incident and this will interest many sitting in the audience. The unfolding of incidents is also linear and gives the audience a chance to grasp the matter easily. This keeps up their interest in the film. The rescue operation has also been shown well. However this does not mean that the director Rajeev Gupta has passed with flying colors. There are some striking discrepancies in the film which makes the film unstable. Firstly when you have a small child in your house, can a mother keep the child in another room and sleep at peace in another? Can a mother be so irresponsible? Secondly, there is an army officer who gets killed due to a snake bite while sitting near the bore well. The question arises as to why was the army officer sitting near the bore well? Did the snake inform him about its whereabouts?

The camera angles in the film are at times shaky and this often hampers the smooth visual experience. One may often be reminded of many of Ekta Kapoor’s serials due to the shaky camera angles in tense moments. That may look good in the serials but does not look good on big screen.

Mainak, Anushree Basu, Gargi Banerjee, Pritha Sur are either too loud or too stocky. They simply cannot be their normal selves. They tend to be oscillating between the scale of “over acting” and “Under acting”. However Bitan, the child artist is really a pleasure to look at. His innocence shines through and you indeed feel relieved that he is safe.

Singur- a rescue operation is neither an awesome film nor is it a bad film. It is somewhere in between. Neither can I completely recommend one to go and watch it in theatres nor can I say to avoid it. I can assure you may not love it but you will not hate it either. The choice is yours to make.

Singur Movie Review by Priyanka Dutta

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