Madhuri Dixit in Kolkata to Promote New Hindi Film Gulaab Gang; Kolkata spellbound by the Dhak Dhak Girl

Madhuri Dixit in Kolkata

Madhuri Dixit in Kolkata

“She walks in beauty” wrote Lord Byron in one of his poems. The same can be said about the Dhak-Dhak Diva, Madhuri Dixit, who was in the city to promote her upcoming Bollywood film Gulaab Gang. The moment she entered the conference hall at The Pipal Tree hotel Kolkata, photographers went berserk to capture the diva on their lenses. Accompanying her were producer Anubhav Sinha and director Soumik Sen.

The film is about Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit) who runs an ashram. The women in the ashram are armed with axes and sickle and dressed in pink nine yards, who mete out the evil and seek justice for one and all. The women also make hand ground spices, hand woven baskets and hand woven saris to earn a living and maintain their financial independence. Rajjo realizes that she has a new battle in front of her when the political party she trusts and campaigns for shows its true colors. She also has to face Sumitra Devi (Juhi Chawla) – a shrewd politician who tries to use all underhand means to manipulate these women. What happens next is what the film Gulaab Gang is all about. Director Soumik Sen when questioned about his choice of subject on his debut film said “I wanted to make a simple antagonist versus protagonist film. Instead of pitching men against men and making the women characters arm candies I have opted for a story where the main antagonist and protagonist are women. Even the other important characters in this New Film are women”. The director clearly stated that his choice for making his debut with Hindi films was simply due to the fact that he could work with Madhuri Dixit.

Madhuri Dixit Movie Gulaab Gang

Madhuri Dixit with her dazzling smile and the yellow Anarkali made many hearts skip a beat in the conference hall. The actress patiently answered the questions put forward by the assembled media. The actress was excited to be in the city as she highlighted on her love for Bengali sweets like Rosogolla and Mishti Doi. “I am a foodie and I love the food in Kolkata. The Bengali sweets catch my attention the most. I also have a Calcutta connection as one of the directors I have worked with was a Bengali. His name is Partha Ghosh and he had directed me in the film 100 Days. I have learnt a few Bengali words like “Taratari koro”, “Ki korcho tumi”. Kolkata is indeed a city of joy and I feel joyous whenever I come here”.

When questioned about her experience of acting with Juhi Chawla, she said “Juhi Chawla is not my competitor. The right word to describe us would be contemporaries. We have been working around the same time and that term would suit us the best. It was a wonderful experience sharing screen space with Juhi Chawla”. The actress also highlighted on the fact that women empowerment must be given importance. “We hardly have any training meant for the young girls to protect themselves from any mishaps on roads. Self-defense Training must be given in schools and colleges too so that they can at least get some time to call for help and also fight back to hold off the hooligans” said the beautiful actress.

Madhuri, commenting on her role said “I have been lucky to get such diverse roles in my career even in the commercial format. Women have now become directors, assistant directors and producers. Earlier they used to be stuck with jobs like actresses or hair dressers. This is a great change that I am noticing in the Bollywood film industry. Playing strong women characters is not a conscious decision. However I like playing strong women characters. This does not mean that I do not like doing the commercial roles”.

Madhuri Dixit in Kolkata

Madhuri along with her mother Mrs. Snehalata Dixit has also sung a song for the new Bollywood Movie Gulaab Gang which releases on March 7.

All the buzz that has been created about the movie with Madhuri Dixit in Kolkata for the promotions and also for the Mirchi Music Awards the fate of Gulaab Gang seems to be sealed at least in the city of Joy. We shall be waiting for the Box Office Reports !!

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