Bengali Wedding Reality Show Tumi J Amar on Zee Bangla with Prasenjit Chatterjee Starts Today

bengaliwedding show

bengali wedding show

When was the last time you said the three golden words “I love you” to your partner? You will have to think really hard to get the answer. This is simply because people tend to take their partners for granted after some years of staying together. Their involvement with the household chores and bringing up the children ultimately leads to taking each other for granted. This is the idea behind the marriage reality show Tumi Je Amar which will be aired on Zee Bangla.

The press meet of the show was held at DDR Studio in the presence of the anchors Tolywood Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee, actress Rachana Banerjee, director Abhijit Sen and creative heads Nabanita and Krishanu. Speaking on the occasion, Prosenjt Chatterjee said “I have worked on television before. This is my second show on television. This show is more interesting as my co-anchor is one with whom I have done a lot of films. Hence we know each other quite well and our chemistry will make the show all the more appealing to the audience”. Rachana was also excited and that was evident from her body language. “I have been hosting Didi Number 1 for quite some time now. But this is the first time that I will be hosting a marriage reality show. We understand each other well and I have known Prasenjit since 1995. Hence this will be a good opportunity to work with him on a reality show” said Rachana Banerjee.

bengali wedding

“The reason for selecting Prosenjit Chatterjee as the host of this show is simply his larger than life image. We want to use that image for our show. He asked us why we chose him for the show given the fact that he had married more than once. But our research showed facts which were different and his popularity and acceptability is what made us select him” said director Abhijit Sen.

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The show has interesting rounds like Subho Dristi, Phool Sojja, Amar Songi, Kalratri, Saat pakhe Badha and many more named after rituals followed in a typical Bengali wedding. The rounds are all selected in such a manner so that the participants will have fun and also come close with their partners.

The one and a half hour show will be aired from 24th February from Monday to Wednesday at 10pm.

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