DARR @ THE MALL Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Predictable Horror Story…

DARR @ THE MALL Movie Review

DARR @ THE MALL Movie ReviewIt’s a predictable horror/revenge drama, quite unimaginative and brings nothing new to the table.

The security officer of the prestigious Amity Mall is seen talking to an unseen ‘atript’ soul. The soul wants him to call up his office and get someone by the name Vishnu and the scared and shaking and sweating officer does the needful. He tries to get away in his car after that but does not succeed and dies in a car crash. Next we see Jimmy Shergill being interviewed by Asif Basra for the security chief’s job. He is Vishnu. Jimmy gets the job.

The developers of the mall organize a promotion and marketing party joined by their family and friends. In the meantime Vishnu begins seeing things and discovers that the mall was built after the demolition of an orphanage. There was an accidental fire that had killed a score of children and a nun who looked after them. It was rumored that the nun herself had set fire to the orphanage after poiso

ing the kids. One of the boys in the orphanage supposedly survived but none saw him ever after that.

The party has come to an end and while the other guests leave, the promoters and their kin are caught in the mall and have no way to escape their doomed fate. The powerful and scary spirit starts killing them one by one. It’s out to take some kind of revenge for the past misdeeds of the promoters.

Is it scary? Not really. In spite of its bang-bang background score it does not send any chilly shivers up your spine. The beginning reveals the middle and end. There is nothing there to surprise you, not even the performances. Some of the dialogues among the young actors are written in a free flowing natural style and I liked that.

Ratings : 0.5/5

Darr @ the Mall Official Trailer 2 (You Tube)

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