New Bickram Ghosh Album Tabla Untabla Launched Amidst Popular City Musicians

New Bickram Ghosh Tabla

New Bickram Ghosh album

India’s leading and renowned tabla maestro Bickram Ghosh recently released his maverick album titled Tabla Untabla- the Adventure of Tablaman at The Stadel. This New Bickram Ghosh Album puts a spin to all kinds of tabla percussion. The album has a unique concept and features different elements of playing the tabla. From new techniques to amazing backdrop- all have been incorporated in the album. Agnimitra Paul, Tanushree Shankar, Shuvaprasanna, Ustad Rashid Ali Khan, Arjun Chakraborty and his wife and Rupam Islam were the celebrities who were present for the album launch.

new bickram ghosh album

“This album is very close to my heart. I have tried to bring in a variety of grooves along with the idiom of the tabla. The deconstruction of the tabla is possible only when one is truly in command of the essential requisites that construct this genre. I am very confident that this album will redefine the playing of tabla and also appeal to all sections of the society” said Bickram Ghosh. The technique of body drum which has been used in this album is new and unique. The tabla maestro who is known for the use of his cheeks for making great music has used different parts of the body to create different sound effects. “The thighs of a person give the most frequency of sound, while the chest has the lowest frequency. This one must know before plunging headlong in this body drum technique” highlighted the tabla player.

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Agnimitra Paul who was present at the music launch ceremony was full of praises for the tabla maestro. She said “I have used his music in my fashion shows but I want to work with him in a proper manner. I am looking forward to the album launch and also to watch his body drum technique”.

Bickram Ghosh got the idea of Tablaman from his son. His son is actually a great fan of the television series for children named Chhota Bheem. He then utilised this idea and created a concept named Tablaman on the lines of Chhota Bheem. Tablaman also has the power to eradicate all problems and bring back normalcy. “Creative people get inspiration from anything and Bickram proves it yet again” said Agnimitra Paul.

bickrm ghosh tabla

The album takes you through a musical chronicle of 10 tracks featuring the Tabla moves from jamming with loops, Darboukkas, bols and other instruments through an imaginary adventure led by a new superhero – Tablaman. The musical chronicle ends with the sound spirit of Kolkata where Ghosh pays a soulful rhythmic tribute through creating a riveting track of rhythms, all of which are created from using objects from daily Kolkata street life. Temple bells, rickshaw bells, luggage cases, car parts, water containers, cans, utensils, glasses, tea cups, crow caws, cow moos, streetcar sounds – etc create a veritable orchestra coming out of the streets of Kolkata.

Pushing the boundaries of the Tabla repertoire, TABLA UNTABLA album will be releasing on Sony Music.

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