Bengali Short Films on Women Atrocities Ashamed Cupid Launched by Actor Saswata Chatterjee

Bengali Short Films on Women

Short Films on Women

The Mahurat of an upcoming Bengali Trilogy of Short Stories Ashamed Cupid by Missing Link Motion Pictures took place at Princeton Club recently in the presence of actors Sudipta Chakraborty, Saswata Chatterjee and Arjun Chakraborty, music director Abhishek Basu and director Rishin Banerjee.

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“Ashamed Cupid is actually a conceptual name of here short stories that stand as metaphors against the atrocities that women have to face regularly in their lives in the society. These short films are not merely meant for entertainment but are a way of protesting against these atrocities against women. This trilogy of Bengali Short Films on Women Atrocities has three stories- Love in the lounge, Witness and Naam Prokasey Onichook. Love in the lounge is the story of an escort. Witness is about a slum girl who is raped by a local leader. She goes through the trauma and decides to avenge the wrong doing. Naam prokasey Onichook is about a married woman” said director Rishin Banerjee.

Background scores in films is one of the toughest elements to compose, felt music director Abhishek Basu. “The background score for a short film is challenging. The challenge is more when you have to weave three short stories with a stream of music. The kind of music that one will be hearing in this film will appeal to the audience and will give them a global feel”.

The cast in this film is new. “I have done this so that the people will be able to relate more to the atrocities women face and not just focus on the star playing the role” said the director.

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Saswata Chatterjee, who was also present on the occasion, was full of praises for the director. “To make a debut in films with such a topic requires courage and I wish him all the best for his endeavor. The best thing about short films is that they have an open ending and one can assume the message and the final outcome of the movie as per their understanding” said the actor.

Bengali Short Films on Women

Sudipta Chakraborty said “I don’t think that people who commit the atrocities against women watch the film and even if they do, they will not change as, such people are shut to any kind of good counsel. However the effort by the director is commendable and I hope that at least some people will refrain from committing the crimes against the women”

Ashamed Cupid with its unique structure and great themes will be one short film to watch out for.

Priyanka Dutta

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