Jodi Love Dile NA Prane Movie Review, Poster, Trailer

Jodi Love Dile Na Prane movie review

jodilovedilenaprane2_thumb.jpgLove still exists in this loveless world. Romantic tales lifted from Bengali literature in Bengali cinema is a bygone affair. But Jodi Love Dile NA Prane, the new release from the director duo Avijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy brings back the essence of romantic Bengali movies of the 60’s and 70’s. Based on Sukanta Gangopadhay’s novel ‘Abujh Meye’ the film has followed the narrative to the T.

Rana Majumdar, a well known director and his assistant Mainak meet Rahul, a Mumbai based Bengali producer who wants to produce a romantic saga but of a different kind.  Though utterly confused at the beginning, Mainak tells a story, a real incident seen in his childhood days, a love story between Sona Chatterjee and Paromita. Sona Chatterjee falls in love with a girl, Paromita, from the same locality. Sona Chatterjee is a middle class, spineless young man, whose father eloped with another woman and was still missing. Sona was jobless and ultimately Paromita got married to Sulalit, a corporate executive and got settled in Delhi. Paromita tired her best to be with her love but she failed. Sona failed to take the necessary responsibilities.

Paromita presently is a mother. Aaheli, the daughter of Paromita, is presently doing her graduation from Biswa Bharati University in Bolpur. Paromita in search of Sona forces her husband Sulalit to take a transfer and come back to her hometown Kolkata. The film revolves around separate tracks. It deals simultaneously with Rahul’s dream of producing a love story with a difference and the love saga of Sona and Paromita. The movie with its intriguing pace and truly wonderful story telling reaches a point where Rahul’s dreams come true. Sona and Paromita meet again. Aaheli in search of her real father seeks Mainak’s help and they come close.

Anindya Bose’s brilliant screenplay and enchanting dialogues, along with the director duos’ intelligent treatment makes this movie a treat to watch. This movie again proves that the combination of Anindya-Avijit-and Sudeshna can create wonders as we have seen earlier in Teen Yaari Katha. Though the cinematography of this movie excels with the lyrical capturing of the streets and bylanes of the city it fails in framing and composing some interesting moods, especially where Sona meets Paromita in an old house.

The background music of the film is not up to the mark and often loud. Not much can be said about the songs in the film as there is hardly any song in the film. But for an exception, the use of the much known song, ‘Ke Jeno Bajaye Baansi’ gives goosebumps to the audience and portrays a deep sadness within Paromita. The film’s pace is well balanced and the edit deserves special mention.

Coming to acting, I must say, Aabir Chatterjee (Sona) is a revelation. The spineless and confused Sona Chatterjee is superbly portrayed by Aabir Chatterjee and am sure the Bengali audience will remember Sona for long. Kudos to the director duo for experimenting with the look and make up of Sona Chatterjee. Ananya is clichéd and poor in her portrayal of Paromita. It is high time she changed her acting pattern as she is the same in every character she is portraying nowadays. Arjun (Mainak) and the beautiful Tridha (Aaheli) are also surprise packages to watch out for and as we watch them we realize that two new talents have arrived in the Tinsel town. Sujoy Mukherjee as Rana Majumdar is as always fantastic with his brilliant comic timing and delivery. Kaushik Sen as Sulalit is so-so whereas Mithu Chakraborty in a cameo deserves special mention. And lastly Kaushik Ganguly (Rahul)… What an actor he is! The more I see him I fall in love with his acting skills. Actor Kaushik Ganguly has many things to deliver and I hope the audience will love him more and more as he is portraying and experimenting with different characters presently.

Jodi LOVE Dile Na Prane adds a new feather in the cap of new wave Bengali cinema. This is a must watch film and I must truly say Jodi LOVE Dile Na Prane is by far the best film of the director duo. It definitely raises our expectation from the director duo and we wish they give us more such good films in future.

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Jodi Love Dile NA Prane Movie Review By Mr. Tathagata Banerjee

Tathagata Banerjee

Mr. Tathagata Banerjee is an internationally acclaimed director who with his very first documentary film Wait Until Death had made a mark in the international film circuit and is ready with four new documentary films that are scheduled to be screened internationally. He then went on to make Telefilms for popular television channels like Star Jalsha, Zee Bangla and ETV Bangl etc and is currently working on selected scripts to direct a full length feature film.



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