LGBT Rights Controversy discussed in New Bengali Film Ochena Bondhutto

LGBT Rights Controversy

LGBT Rights Controversy

Films on homosexuality are quite common. But what is not so common is the presence of people from this community in the film. With Achena Bondhutto, director Hrishikesh Mondol wants to delve deep into this topic. The Supreme Court may have termed it as unnatural sex, this film will show issues which the people in this community have to face. A scene of this film was recently shot at Rabindra Sadan area which showed LGBT individuals along with the star cast of the film in a protest rally. Ushashie Chakraborty, Sidhu, Emon, Pota, Priyam were present to enact out their parts in this particular scene.

LGBT Rights Controversy

With an umbrella in her hand, Ushashie looked pretty. Despite the rains, the actress came to shoot the scene which is such an important part of the story line of the film. “I play the role of a LGBT activist in the film. Priyam plays the role of my reel husband. He is in a relationship with a younger man” said the actress. Tista Das underwent sex change and she is also a part of the film. She plays the role of a counselor in this film. speaking about her character, she dais “My character counsels the character played by Priyam. He is an upcoming director who will be making a film. When financers back out from helping him, I come forward” said Tista.

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Hrishikesh Mondol had to face many financial problems before he could finally start the shooting of this film. The music of this film is by Saki and Neel. Sidhu, Pota, Emon, Tania, Rupam Islam will be lending their voices to the songs in this film.

Whether Ochena Bondhutto will be a fresh take on the LGBT Rights Controversy or not is what the audiences will have to wait and watch out for.

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