Bengali Recitation Album Aami E Ananya Launched; Collection of Poems Dedicated to Today’s Women

Bengali Recitation Album

Bengali Recitation Album

“The true self of a woman lies in the soul; the strength and inner beauty adorns the journey”. Aami e Ananya is one such classic collection of poetry which speaks about the women. The audio CD has poems recitation by upcoming talent Bristi, who is a contemporary elocutionist. The audio cd was launched in the presence of eminent personalities like Sarbari Dutta (Fashion designer), Madhubani Chatterjee (Dancer), singer Haimanti Shukla and poet Subho Dasgupta.

Subho Dasgupta’s poetry has been selected by Bristi for her CD. Subho Dasgupta has also composed the music for this Bengali Recitation Album. Speaking on the occasion, the poet said “It feels great when a young woman takes interest in recitation and also brings out a CD on poems. It takes guts to do that”.

Bengali Recitation Album

Aami E Ananya represents the different shades and colors of a woman’s state of mind from different angles with various relationships and various role-plays. The audio album has ten poems and reflects on the journey of a woman starting from her birth. It also is a great representative of the mental framework of a woman. Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta, Sabari Dutta and Madhubani Chatterjee have also lent their voices and recited poems in the album.

“I am privileged to have recited such famous pieces in this album. It has tried to touch all feminine feelings and dilemma that we go through. To know a woman better, you need to really be able to listen to her. Empowering women is not only the right thing to do-but also the smart thing to do. I will be honored if my trivial initiative makes an impact on today’s society to both women and men” said Bristi.

Bengali Recitation Album

Aami E Ananya will be a good treat not only for the women but also a rare delight for the men as they will be able to delve deep into the psychology of women and understand them better.

Priyanka Dutta

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