ETV Bangla Holi Special Episodes; Holi Special Recipes to Festive Sentiments, You get to Enjoy All Here

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ETV Bangla has always taken special care in celebrating Bangali’s ‘Baro Masher Tero Parbon’ and this year too, in keeping with its philosophy of connecting with its viewers, this popular Bengali Entertainment Channel has come up with some ETV Bangla Holi Special programs that will be aired on the days of this very colorful festival. These programs are meant to bring the colors of the festival right into your living room so that you can sit back and enjoy Holi with back-to-back ETV Bangla Holi Special programs.

ETV Bangla Holi Special EpisodeDUTTA BARIR CHOTO BOU -Sujon finds Neelav and Purba together and misunderstands again. He gets busy with office work and starts avoiding Purba. What Purba will do?

Purba gets stuck in Raghuda’s house due to road block. Later she goes back to Dutta bari with Neelav where Ranajay and Sunayna sees her. What happens next?

 Sujon is in shock when he over hears the discussion of Raghu da and Jayashree regarding Neelav-Purba’s relation. What happens next?

Family gets busy celebrating Holy but Sujon avoids Purba badly. How Purba will solve the problem? Watch Dutta Barir Choto Bou every Mon-Sat only on ETV Bangla.


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SADHOK BAMAKHYEPA– With all these, the situation at Vrindavan before Dol Purnima was a terrible one! Hearing it all, Bama goes to Vrindavan with a few of his followers. When Bama reaches Vrindavan, the followers of Shri Krishna start protesting against him and on hearing that Bama is going to eradicate the disease by worshipping Ma Kali, they start taunting him. Impersonating into a terrible avatar, Bama starts worshipping Ma Kali. He blames her for spreading such a dreadful disease and harming people. He hurts Ma Kali’s feet and it starts bleeding. Everybody gets utterly surprised! Bama then pleases the Goddess by praying to her. The doors of the Radha-Krishna temple also open up simultaneously. The followers of Shri Krishna realize their mistake. Even the disease starts retreating from that day on. In front of Bama, the followers of Shri Krishna as well as the followers of Ma Kali make peace between themselves. Keeping Bama as the centre of attraction, everyone in Vrindavan bask in the glorious festival of colors. Watch Bamakhyepa every Mon-Sat at 6.30 pm only on ETV Bangla.

ETV Bangla Holi Special Recipie

PROTHOMAR RANNAGHAR- We will celebrate the week as “Dol Special Week”. The celebrity of the particular week will be Surojit, Bhoomi (Singer). We are celebrating the week with recipe of variety of Dol Special Recipes. Khajur Gosht Awadhi will be made by Surojit for our viewers on 15th of March 2014. Watch Prothomar Rannaghar every Mon-Saturday at 4.30 pm only on ETV Bangla.

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KATHA DILAM– Noni tries to force Sudha to play Holi with him and as a result gets beaten up by Ananda. Sudha tries to offer Abir to Ananda’s feet but Ananda says that it is not the place for the Abir of friendship. He colours Sudha’s forehead red with Abir.

Sudha requests Ananda to bring Dolan’s love to her on the day of Holi. Though he is the son of a noted industrialist, Ananda gives his word that he will accomplish this.

Will Ananda succeed? What will be Sudha & Ananda’s future?

Watch Katha Dilam every Mon-Sat at 7.30 pm only on ETV Bangla.


RANGA MATHEY CHIRUNI– Dipti decides to bridge the gap between both families and goes on to invite Rai family for holi. Swati accepts the invitation and chooses to celebrate holi with Lahiri family. Holi is celebrated with lots of splendour and grandeur at Lahiri house, only Nolok seems terrified of it. There is a past in her childhood that has been haunting her. Neel succeeds in breaking Nolok’s fear. They have their own secret holi behind closed doors where Neel and Nolok for the first time break all barriers and come close. Palok on the other hand determines to visit Sabuj during holi. When everybody is enjoying holi at Lahiri house garden Sabuj sees Palok approaching him.

Watch Ranga Mathey Chiruni every Mon-Sat at 8 pm only on ETV Bangla.

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