Kenya Tourism Collaborates with the Bengali Film Industry for Foreign Locale Shoots


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Bangkok, Thailand and Malaysia will soon have great competition from another country- Kenya. This is for the shooting of sequences of Bengali films. The country with great variety of landscapes and easy to arrange logistics will enable the directors to shoot easily in this place. To enhance this good relation between the two countries, Kenya Tourism Board has joined hands with the League of Stars 2014. The press conference of this T20 match took place at Taa’am Restaurant (Priya Cinemas). Arijit Dutta of Priya Cinemas and Jacinta Nzioke Mbithi, Director of marketing at Kenya Tourism Board was present to announce this collaboration.

“Many people say Kerala is God’s own country but I seriously feel that Kenya is God’s own country. With a great variety of landscapes, the country is rich in flora and fauna. Directors with a script matching the natural beauty of Kenya will have a great time shooting in this country. Going for a single song sequence will not be logistically viable. The beaches, lush green forests and the mountains all will provide directors with a wide choice of locations” said Arijit Dutta.

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Apart from giving the directors a chance to shoot at cheaper prices in foreign locales, Kenya Tourism board is also keen on tapping the potential tourist from India. Statistics show that India is the biggest source market for Kenya in Asian continent. A tourism app named Mobile Kenya has also been launched so as to provide the tourists information on hotels, restaurants and other important issues during their trip to the country.

The Kenya Tourism Board to mark this collaboration between the two countries was also the sponsor of the fifth season of the League of Stars match held at Geetanjali Stadium. Jishu Sengupta, Arijit Dutta were some of the actors from the Bangla film industry who took part in this match.

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