Earth Hour Ambassador, Comedy King Mir Urges All to Activelly Participate



Renewable energy is an issue which is of grave importance in the modern times all over the world. With the huge demand of energy worldwide, it has become of paramount importance to look for ways of saving resources for the generations to come. With this objective in mind WWF has been organizing an annual campaign to raise awareness among the people all over the world. The main motto of WWF is to switch to renewable energy and save energy from getting wasted. As part of this initiative on 29th March, Earth Hour will be observed in Kolkata. ITC Sonar Kolkata who has been the hospitality partner of this event for the past two years will also be seen playing the role of the hospitality partner this year again. Mir will be seen in the role as the brand ambassador of this campaign.


Parambrata Chatterjee, Rituparna Sengupta had been the brand ambassadors of this campaign from Kolkata for the last two years. This year WWF has roped in Mir to be the Earth Hour Ambassador. Mir who is known for his wit and humor addressed the assembled media and guests and highlighted as to why he has been selected this time as the brand ambassador. “I have the reputation of hammering ideas in the minds of the people. Such has been reputation that even the WWF have come to understand it and appointed me as the brand ambassador. On a serious note this will be a good way of raising awareness among the people on how to save energy. Since this is the first time I am associated with a campaign of this magnitude, I am quite honored” said Mir.


Earth Hour will be observed on the 29th of March from 8.30 to 9.30 pm. Make sure you do your part for the environment and switch off the lights and fans for one hour. Even a small contribution matters a lot.

Priyanka Dutta

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