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683000 forcible rapes occur every year, which equals to 56916 per month, 4871 per day, 78 per hour and 1.3 per minute. The continuing rise of rape incidents in the country is proof of the fact that women in the country are not at all safe from rapists who continue to harm them, physically and mentally. Based on such a rape incident, Saugata Biswas’s film “K..Se” had its premiere at Metro cinemas recently. The cast of the film was present at the premiere show.

The story of the film revolves around two students Uma and Niraj who studied at Durgapur Engineering College. On their way back from a party one night, they ask for lift from a passing car. However things take an ugly turn and the girl is raped by the five boys in the car. Since their faces are covered, the rapists cannot be brought to justice. The case is closed on higher orders and the girl succumbs to her injuries. It is later Niraj’s friend Nisith who comes to avenge Uma’s death. He sets a trap and lures the five men with the help of beautiful girls. Four of them are poisoned. While the fifth one sees a shadow of the girl he raped and the film ends there.

The story of the film written by Mrigendra M. Dhar had promise, what with the recent state of events all around us. The film’s name “K-Say” creates a sense of mystery in the minds of the audience. The problem with the story is that the writer was himself confused as to what will be the angle of the story. The film begins on a major burning issue like rape and then goes on to become a thriller which ultimately ends in a horror like situation. In short, the audience will be confused as to what to expect from the storyline. One may be reminded of the film Talaash which in the same way confused the audience. Why would the story writer want to give a horror angle to this film is beyond my level of understanding.

Another glaring loophole was the fact that the rapists who had their faces covered and the car that could not be traced by the police could be nailed down by Nisith. I fail to understand the mystery and the logic and am sure my fellow viewers would agree too.

Another aspect of the film that irked me most was the fact that the team has blatantly tried to mask the many loop holes in the movie by putting in soft porn scenes. It is a cheap way of making the audience come to the halls and I simply fail to understand what the director was trying to do by showing sleazily steamy and not so well shot scenes in the film? Director Sougata Biswas should have understood that what he was making was no Ragini MMS 2 and that the audience of Bengal just cannot be robbed off their money by showing such shoddy skin show on screen.

The cast of the film is a bunch of new faces with no real skills at all. Bunty, Moumita, Suman, Priyanka, Oindrilla, Anisha, Mithu, Abhijit, Moloy, Sarit, Richa and Keya were all competing for the “Worst actor” trophy. ‘Stocky’, ‘Wooden’, ‘Over the top’ are some adjectives that fit these actors the best. The way the entire synopsis of the movie had been initially presented, the audience had started expecting some kind of nail biting and soul stirring experience from the movie but am sure their disappointment would know no bounds once they enter the halls to watch this New Kolkata Bengali Movie.

Sandip Singha’s music is nothing worth writing about. It just adds to the irritability of the already disillusioned audience. A romantic song “Oo Shona” in such a serious film will eventually make you laugh at the desperation of the film-makers to somehow drag the audience to the theaters.

K..Se is a typical example of a bad film. When people have again started saying that this is the golden time in the Bengali film industry, films like K..Se come as a jolt from the blue. I sincerely hope that instead of funding films of this kind the producers should have instead given the financial backing to films with potential and promising star cast that may be stuck mid-way due to financial crunches.

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