ETV Bangla Mega Serial Katha Dilam Ready with a Nail-Biting Maha Saptaho



ETV Bangla Mega Serials have garnered huge mass interest and daily soaps like Katha Dilam are being meticulously followed by the Bengali viewers from across the globe. These mega serials become so closely associated with the lives of people that they start relating to the characters shown in the soaps. In order to sustain the interest of the viewers, various interesting twists are incorporated into these family soaps that send the TRPs soaring as Bengali households sit glued to the television in order to finally see to the end of the baddie and the triumph of the protagonist. A similar grand affair is to be telecast on ETV Bangla in the mega serial Katha Dilam which will show the marriage preparations of Sudha with Noni, much to the chagrin of Anondo. The preparations go through a series of exciting and nail-biting incidents and glimpses of one such episode has been presented here.

ETV Bangla Mega Serial


After Noni and Sudha’s ashirbad finally happens much to the annoyance of every one, Noni and his friends try to assault Sudha and Anondo saves her. The marriage almost breaks.

Then Robi Baidya and his friend Shibprasad think of a plan and convinces Sudha yet again for the marriage. Dr. Anondo seeing no other way, starts the marriage preparation with a broken heart.

Noni dressed as the groom arrives at the marriage mandap. Sudha is also ready. Will actually the marriage happen? Watch ETV Bangla Mega Serial Katha Dilam to be with Sudha as her fate is being decided.

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