Rudranil Ghosh Cameo in New Kolkata Bengali Movie Gotipoth Generates Curiosity



Rudranil Ghosh Cameo in New Kolkata Bengali Movie Gotipoth works as one of the primary highlights of the film. Ayan, Trisha and Sayak form a happy family. The happiness in Ayan’s family does not last long as his wife Trisha wants to become an actress. With this aim she leaves the household and tries her luck at becoming an actress. She idolizes Swapnil, an eminent actor. When she comes face to face, she is amazed and dumbfounded at having met her idol in real life. This was the scene which was being shot in the Netaji Nagar area from the film Gotipoth, directed by Tanmoy Pal.


Rudranil is playing the role of Swapnil in this film. The actor said “I have a guest role in this film. I am simply doing this role on Tanmoy’s request. This is my own small way of appreciating the efforts of new comers in this industry. My character may be a dark one but Swapnil is one who speaks bitter truth. Most of my scenes are with Dipa who is playing the role of Trisha. We have a few intimate scenes too. These are the scenes which the audience enjoy the most but we as actors feel the most uncomfortable doing them. Since Dipa has been acting on stage for quite some time, she was very comfortable doing the scenes”.


In between getting her makeup and hair done, Dipa Mitra Mukherjee highlighted on her role as Trisha in the film. “I play the role of Trisha in the film. She is ambitious and she leaves behind her family for her career. In the course of the film she gets physically involved with Swapnil. What happens next is the story of the film which I will not reveal. I have known Rudranil da since the film Bye Bye Bangkok. I look up to him as an actor. The fact that I will be sharing screen space with him is giving me goosebumps” said Dipa.

Gaurab Sikdar and Anupam Mallick are composing the music of this film. Debasree Chakraborty, Anindya Banerjee, Rohit Mukherjee, Soma Chakraborty, Rupam Bhaumik will be playing important roles in this upcoming Bengali film.

Priyanka Dutta


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