Piyalir Password Finally Releases; New Rituparna Sengupta Starer Thriller


It was worth the wait.

At an emotional premiere of the much awaited mystery thriller, Piyalir Password, directed by the Late Raj Basu, tears flowed on stage. Rituparna Sengupta , took to the stage accompanied by music director Bickram Ghosh, Roopa Ganguly , relatives of Raj Basu and Devasish Ray. Sengupta spoke from the heart mentioning the passion and the commitment of the late director who died before the film could be released in Kolkata.

Ghosh, who flew in from Delhi to be at the premiere said, ” Raj wanted the music to be powerful and compliment the narrative.” It must be mentioned here that the background score which Ghosh has composed is simply superb and the signature saxophone tune carries the movie to dizzying heights.

Devasish Ray who was with Raj and closely associated with the making of the film , from concept to the edit table thanked Rituparna for taking the effort o release the film in Kolkata. the film had already been screened in the US four years ago. Addressing the audience, Ray said, ” I refuse to be sad today. The movie celebrates the life of Raj Basu.”

Roopa Ganguly wearing an off white sari informed the gathering that the unit was one big family who became one during the 20 day schedule in Maryland, USA.

The film revolves around the sudden death of Piyali (Roopa Ganguly), a scientist. After her death her sister, Roopa (Rituparna Sengupta) arrives in the US. She quickly is lead to believe that perhaps the death of her sister was not natural. In her quest to find the truth she is helped by Kaushik Sen and Sabyasachi. As she delves deeper into the mystery shrouding the death of her sister, people start getting killed. So will Roopa get answers to her questions?. Will she be able to unravel the truth?

The film premiered at Priya Cinema Kolkata in the presence of the Tollywood fraternity and is expected to be quite a surprise package for the Bengali Cine-goers.



The author is a veteran Film Journalist who has been associated with the Bengali Film Industry for over 20years now.



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