Indrani Sen Bengali Songs Compiled in Music Album “Arghya”; Audio CD Released in Kolkata



Indrani Sen Bengali Songs have been again compiled into a Bengali Music Album “Arghya” and the CD was released recently at ICCR auditorium. Present at this occasion were Indrani Sen, Srabani Sen, Rupankar and Srikanta Acharya. The album has been released by Picasso Entertainment.

The CD Arghya deals with songs from Bankimchandra, Vivekananda, Ramprasad, Nidhubabu and Madhusudan Dutta. “I had been asking many music companies to bring out this CD out but majority of them backed out saying that there will not be enough sales of the CD’s. When I approached Srabani, she readily agreed. I am not interested about the sale of the CD’s. What I am concerned about is the fact that in future this CD will help an individual who will want to do any research work in music. With the death of an artist, the tradition of his songs also disappears into oblivion. To preserve these songs and also to help the future generations to understand this tradition in Bengali songs, I thought of bringing out this CD” said Indrani Sen.


The album has eight songs. The music arrangement of this CD has been done by Pintu Ghatak and Prabir Chatterjee. Srabani Sen of Picasso Entertainment highlighted the fact that this CD has been brought out because of the archival value of the songs. “I know that the CD sale will not be huge considering the fact that people are more interested in downloading songs. However I feel this is a responsibility towards the music tradition in Bengal and as an artist I thought of bringing out this CD” said the singer.


“We cannot stop the technological advancement taking place. Cloud is the next step in technological advancement and I heard that in future we will be downloading songs from the cloud. However the beauty of a cassette or a CD is unparalleled. Hence I will urge the audience to buy this CD. This has an archival value and the price is also not much” said singer Srikanto Acharya.

This CD will also be a great gift for Poila Boisakh as with this we Bengalis can celebrate our Bangaliana.

Priyanka Dutta


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