Graphic Novel Chakrapurer Chakkare Review; Great Balance of Style and Narrative



Colorful pictures, great graphic art and wonderful script are the three most important ingredients which make any graphic novel eye catching and interesting to read. Chakrapurer Chakkare-An Adventure in Chakrapur is no variation to this rule. The book confirms to all these three primary rules. Based on a short story by Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, the graphic novel has been adapted to reach out to the young readers.


The story is about Abhay Sarkar who is hounded by gangsters. He runs away to his ancestral home at Chakrapur. Complications arise, and he finds himself being chased in and out of weird situations. He arrives at the forest abode of the dreaded Brahmadaitya. What happens to him next? Is he tormented by the Brahmadaitya or caught by the gangsters? The answer lies in the graphic novel.

Harsho Mohan Chattoraj must be given the credit for the script and the art work of this film. The script has been done beautifully so as to make the narrative sound linear to the readers. For those who have read the actual story by the author, changes made to adapt to the graphic novel version will be evident. The graphic art which has been done has also retained the typical Bengali essence in the characters. The pot belly or the oily side parted hair style; all will help the reader to easily identify with the characters. The choice of colors for the graphic novel is also intelligent. It is lively and yet soothing for the eyes. This creates a warm effect on the readers going through the pages of the novel. The text by Arundhuti Gupta also does a good work of supporting the graphic artist aptly.


Chakrapurer Chakkare-An Adventure in Chakrapur is one of the finest adaptations of the stories of eminent Bengali writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay. Grab your copy and relax with this book this weekend as going out in the scorching heat will definitely not be a pleasurable experience.


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