Mumbai Based Band Liquid Launches Bengali Audio Songs Album ‘Panchforon’



Tollywood actress Rituparna Sengupta and singer Debojit Saha graced the occasion of the launch of the music album “Panchforon” by Mumbai Based Band Liquid. The music album launch ceremony took place at Starmark at South City Mall.

LIQUID is a Mumbai-based band having five musicians as its core members, namely Hriju Roy, Reema, Milind, Sunanda and Sandeep. ‘Panchforon— Vocals for Locals’ is their first album containing a bouquet of five Bengali songs titled Tumi, Bhogoban, Mairi Mairi, PhD and 906. The compositions are a mix of rock, rap and melody.


The name of the album has been given such because Panchforon is basically a Bengali spice. “During our stay in Mumbai, we missed Kolkata and as a result we named the band so. This was a form of connectivity with the city. People say Bengalis can make Bengal anywhere and we were no exceptions. Like liquid which has the versatility to take any shape, our thoughts are also very versatile” said Hriju. Hriju has been working for almost sixteen years in Mumbai as a music composer for films like Hiss, Kushti and many more. He is also credited with the idea of forming the band.


Rituparna Sengupta who looked pretty in her royal blue Anarkali said “I know Sunanda personally as I am acting in his film Extraodinaari. He is not only a good director but also a good lyricist. I wish the band all the success”. Sunanda has also directed films like Idiot Box in Hindi and Ogo Bodhu Sundori (2010) in Bengali.


A special feature of the music album is that the songs have been categorized as per the name of the spices that make up Panchforon.

The debut album of Liquid band hopefully will enable the listeners to get the right blend of flavors of the quintessential Bengali spice-Panchforon.


Priyanka Dutta








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