Bengali Movie Arundhati Trailer Released on Actress Koel Mallick’s Birthday; Overwhelming Response from the Audience



Bengali Movie Arundhati is a story of reincarnation and one woman’s journey from one lifetime to another for the purpose of conquering the despicable. Koel Mallick stars as Arundhati, the queen expertly skilled in painting, dancing and martial arts. Cast opposite to her is Indraneil Sengupta, as Kaalrudra, who is a violator of women and obsessed with revenge against the queen. The film, features heavy and impressive work of VFX and special effects, which is creating a benchmark in Tollywood. Arundhati is all set to release this May.


It was actress Koel Mallick’s birthday on April 28th, when the production houses for her biggest and upcoming film Arundhati decided to launch the trailer and the first song of the film on the very day. In the run up to the birthday, there was huge anticipation, especially on social media, for the trailer to be released soon. Social media was flooded with birthday messages from fans and well wishers, requesting & waiting for the trailer in anticipation. The trailer was launched early in the day on the leading Bengali music channel Sangeet Bangla and later uploaded on the official Youtube channel of SVF.


The trailer featured Koel in intense action sequences; sporting a “never seen before look”, entirely different from the ones we have seen in her last 10 years of film career, sword fighting, horse riding and impressive VFX work. The trailer, apart from running on the music channel at specific intervals for the entire day, also became phenomenal on Youtube. The video was viewed more than 5000 times in the short span of seven hours, with more than 700 views per hour. And within 24 hours, the view count touched 20,000. The trailer became such viral over internet that Koel Mallick herself initiated to record a message of hers for the audience for loving the trailer so much.

The surprises on the lead actress’ birthday didn’t end with the trailer. The first song from the film, titled ‘He Naropishach’ came later in the evening on Youtube and was aired on Sangeet Bangla from the next day onwards. The song video provides a glimpse of Indraneil Sengupta in the negative role and Arundhati’s ambition to vanquish evil. It was viewed more than 4000 times in the first twelve hours.

Theatrical Trailer | Arundhati | Koel | Indraneil | 2014 (You Tube)




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