North American Bengali Conference 2015 Theme Song Released; Celebrating the Spirit of Bangaliana



Ever since 1980 The North American Bengali Conference 2015 (NABC or BangaSammelan) has been promoting the richness of Bengali culture in the U.S.A and Canada and in the year 2015 too, the Tagore Society of Houston (TSH) will host its 35th version on July 10-12, 2015. In keeping with its vision of promoting Bengali Culture on the American soil, TSH has already erected a statue of Tagore in the heart of Texas and Houston’s energy corridor and shall continue with further activities.


North American Bengali Conference 2015 organizers are committed to having a long-lasting outcome on the lives of the underprivileged – through education, entrepreneurship and welfare. The fruits of the conference shall show in those results. The conference as such also kicked off the “Go Green” initiative for Earth Day with enthusiastic participation of the youth in adopting the Green ways of living which will be a consistent effort throughout the conference too.


In order to reach out to Bengalis from across the globe, NABC has also come up with its theme song that very much reflects the true spirit of Bangaliana. The theme song, which is also interspersed with beautiful Bengali poetry is also a visual treat as it portrays everything that Bangla and the Bangali stands for.

THEME SONG NABC2015 (You Tube)


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