Rabindrasangeet Singer Srabani Sen Attends Nabo Robi Kirone; A Musical Tribute To Tagore



Rabindranath Tagore was paid tribute by Kalamandir with their function titled “Nobo Robi Kirone”. The event took place at Rabindra Sadan and was attended by eminent Rabindrasangeet singer Srabani Sen and table player Soumya Bose.


The musical evening began with a performance titled Robir Khela in which about two hundred and twenty five children participated. The performances were directed by Goutam Dey. The children performed meticulously to the songs like “Phule phule dhole dhole”, “Kothai amar harie jawar nei mana”, “Kharo bayu boye bege”, “Haree re re re” and  many more such songs of Tagore.


The second part of the musical evening saw the performances of Sraboni Sen with Soumya Bose. Seven kinds of ragas were performed by the talented singer. Raag Yamaan, Raag Maand, Raag Bihaag, Raag Desh, Raag Pilu, Raag kafi and Raag Bhairabi. “Tagore was highly influenced by the Indian Classical music tradition. One can find the influence in his songs” said Sraboni Sen. The singer pointed out the Raags when she sang the songs of Tagore. Modhuro Dhoni, Bodhu Michche, Haay go, Kadale tumi more, Tumi kon kanoner, Amaro porano and Chorono dhorite were performed by the singe at the occasion.


The third part included a dance drama Shakuntala. The music director of this dance drama was Soumya Bose and the dance director was Goutam Dey. Samina Hussain Prema, an artist from Bangladesh essayed out the role of Shakuntala in the dance drama. Dushyant was played by Goutam Dey. The performance was a visual delight and kept the audiences hooked to their seats throughout.

Nabo Robi Kirone was a great musical evening for the music lovers of the city. They got to experience the varied moods of the great poet-playwright Rabindranath Tagoe with the help of his wonderful creations.

Priyanka Dutta




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