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The Night of the Interview

The Night of the Interview

Bengali film Bristi Bristi whose Hindi version is The Night of the Interview had its premiere show at Nandan recently. Present at the premiere show were Pallavi Chatterjee, Raaj Mukherjee, Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, Barun Chanda, Shakuntala Barua, Krishnakishore Mukherjee, Sanghamitra Chowdhury, Lopamudra Mondal Saha, Bobby Chakraborty and many others.

The Night of the Interview is about a day’s event. The film is about Ragini Mitra who is a blind celebrity author. She wins Sahitya Akademy Award and on request from her publisher agrees to give an interview to a journalist named Arvind Dutta. The novel that gives her this award is “Barishein”. Within the span of twenty four hours, many facts are revealed. The fact that she hates the rain is due to the fact that she lost her eye sight and her father on such a rainy day. She was even raped on a rainy day. The twist in the tale comes at the fag-end when the audience comes to know that Arvind Dutta was the rapist who came to take her interview in the guise of a journalist. What will Ragini do? Will she be able to take the revenge for the wrong done to her so many years ago? That the audience will go to the hall to know.

Director Raaj Mukherjee must be credited for the fine story that he wove. He does not leave a loose end. Every sub-plot that he starts has a proper finish which is so very interesting. However there are a few discrepancies which strike out and which actually spoil the interesting elements in the film. The script should have been made tighter so that the loopholes could have been avoided. For instance when have you seen a blind woman in pencil heels roaming around the house or on the beach? I doubt even women with eye sight will not dare to wear high heels on rocky beaches. Next point which strikes out is advertising for the Yours Biscuit Company. Why will the blind writer bring a whole packet of biscuit and offer it to the journalist? Given the level of competence shown by the writer, she could have brought a plate of biscuits and offered it to the journalist. Another glaring point which will hit the audience is why will the writer get physically and emotionally attached with the journalist who has come for the interview? This is absurd.

Ashraf Fani and Colors Band who have done the music of the film have composed average tracks for the film. They are nothing out of the blue. I doubt whether one will remember the song once they go out of the hall.

Acting by Pallavi Chatterjee is a big disappointment for me. She sparkles in some scenes as the blind woman but fails to be convincing in many scenes. In the intimate scenes she looks uncomfortable. Pallavi looks the same when she is a teenager and when she is a mature writer. Sadly her age shows despite the layers of makeup to make her look young. The director should have paid more attention to the look. She looks uncomfortable in the Western clothes that she is made to wear in the film.

Rajesh Shringarpore as Arvind Dutta is convincing. His baritone voice is attractive. He plays the role of a suave and sober journalist and then takes on his actual color which is interesting for the audience. He can be used in more Bengali films.

The Night of The Interview had the sufficient premise for a successful film. When compared with the director’s earlier venture Chalo Picnic Manayein/ Picnic, this film fails on many accounts though.

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