Zee Bangla Episodes to Keep you Hooked on to the Television this May


Special Zee Bangla Episodes from 1st to 7th May

Are you a regular viewer of the Zee Bangla serials and reality shows? Then you have more than one reason to be happy during these hot summer days. The various shows and serials on the channel will be having a couple of special episodes to keep the viewers entertained and keep them hooked. Here is a list of what to expect from your favorite television show on Zee Bangla.

Rannaghar Special Episode (Fatafati 50/50)

This special episode of the cooking show aired on Zee Bangla will have eminent actor Biswajit Chakraborty as a special guest on the show. The recipe which will be shown on the show is Corn Samosa/ Bhuttar Shingara. This special episode will be aired on 1st May at 5pm.

tumi j amar celebs episode

Tumi J Amar Celebrity Episode

The television reality-show on married couples, a first of its kind in this part of the country, Tumi J Amar has been a high TRP grossing show for this Bengali Chanel. The celebrity episode will have film maker Ashoke Biswanathan- anchor Madhumanti Moitro, Comedian Kanchan and his wife Pinki, film director Haranath Chakraborty and his wife Rajashree, Singer Shamik and his wife Saoumika. This episode will be aired on 7th May at 10 pm.

Rajjotak Mahadhamaka

Bonny will perform a Bollywood dance “Sasural Genda Phol” at her in-laws place. What will happen next? This episode will be aired on 1st May at 6.30 pm.

Rashi Duronto Dui Porbo

Rashi faces Apola in the field of politics. How will Rashi defeat Apola? To know this, watch the episode of Rashi on 2nd and 3rd may at 7pm.

Rajlakkhi Kurukketram Mahabibaho Porbo

Rajlakkhi and Arko married in the traditional Bengali way. However to prove this to her in-laws, they again get married in a temple. Will she be now accepted as the daughter-in-law? Watch the special episode on 1st May at 8pm to know more.

Raikkishori-Tukhor Tin Porbo

Everyone wants to drive away Kushum. However Meera wants to keep Kushum. Kishor meanwhile is also away. What will happen to the three of them? The three special episodes will be shown from 1st to 3rd May at 9.30 pm.

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