Bollywood Actor Kartik Aryan Appreciated for his Performance in Kaanchi

KAANCHI may not have put the box office on fire. However, one man who has come out unscathed post the film’s release is Bollywood Actor Kartik Aryan. The youngster, who till now was being addressed as ‘That man who came up with a hilarious five minute monologue in PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA’, has graduated, and how!
With some good reviews coming his way for an endearing act, which was unfortunately interrupted at the interval point of the film (as per the script’s demand), Kartik has showcased once again that he can indeed be a scene stealer, despite other actors and reputed names surrounding him. If in PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA he shone even with six youngsters making for an ensemble cast, with KAANCHI he has managed to leave the strongest impression despite the heroine (Mishti) in a title role and a huge name like Subhash Ghai at the helm of affairs.
No wonder, Bollywood Actor Kartik Aryan – who was seen in AKAASH VANI early last year – is happy that he waited for KAANCHI to release before picking up anything else. Says a close associate of the actor, “He could have picked more films, especially after PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA, but then he is in no hurry. In fact the moment he signed KAANCHI, he took a conscious call to not act in any other film till this one released. He wanted to be seen in an entire different role, so as to surprise the audience. With thumbs-up coming up for an endearing act that made one miss him all the more in the second half, it has been a satisfying affair for him.”
Agrees Kartik, “When you work with a man like Subhash Ghai, you don’t look elsewhere. I am glad that this was my first major release of the year. Also, the feedback has been re-assuring too. Now it is time to move on to newer films.”
While it would indeed be good to see him back in a full-fledged role, one just hopes that the boy, who has an original-n-natural style of his own that is uncluttered by stereotypes, hits the screen more frequently.


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