Bollywood Actor Naseeruddin Shah Releases Book ‘Satyajit Ray’s Ravi Shankar: An Unfulfilled Visual Script’



On the 93rd Birthday of Satyajit Ray, Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah who will soon be seen in the New Kolkata Bengali Movie Khasi Kotha released an un-filmed visual script that had been written by the Satyajit Ray the legendary writer. The script has been edited and written in the form of a book by the director’s son Sandip Ray. The book ‘Satyajit Ray’s Ravi Shankar: An Unfulfilled Visual Script’ has been published by Harper Collins. This visual script is a collection of articles written by Satyajit Ray and interviews of Ravi Shankar on various issues. The book also has a scholarly introduction by Sankarlal Bhattacharjee on the great relationship between these two legends. Soumitra Chatterjee, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Rajashri Behera, Sandip Ray along with Naseeruddin Shah was present at this book release occasion held at ICCR.


While delivering the third Satyajit Ray Memorial lecture, Naseeruddin Shah raised some important questions on many issues. One of the important questions that the actor highlighted was the concept of an honest actor. Another question that he raised was on the fact whether an actor must be judged individually or through his acting. The veteran actor said that acting is a craft and that one must deliver good performances. This will make him responsible towards the profession that he is pursuing.

Shah also highlighted on the language of film making which has undergone huge changes. There was a time when mythological films were made to draw crowds. After that the quality of the films were even sacrificed to bring the crowds to the halls. He also pointed out that there is a lack of good writers in cinema.


The duty of an actor is to bring life in the characters in the script. If the film and director is good, then the performance of the actor will be automatically good. For instance, he cited the example of Soumitro Chatterjee who had acted in Ray’s films and given great performances. Likewise he has also acted in several bad films too.

Ray had initially planned to make a film to capture Ravi Shankar during his recital but the film did not shape up hence rough sketches of the film titled “A Sitar Recital by Ravi Shankar” were compiled. The sketches have the sitar maestro in various moods.

The book is surely a collector’s item.

Priyanka Dutta





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