Folk Music Abum ‘Shaje Bihane’ by Dola Roy Released at Press Club Kolkata



Folk maestro Abhijit Bose released the album on Bengali folk songs Shaje Bihane by Dola Roy at Press Club recently. The CD has been brought out by Cozmik Harmony.

Dola Roy holds a PHD Degree in music on “Bengali Kirtan”. She also has a book on Bengali Kirtans. An assistant teacher in Kamala Girls School and a lecturer in Rabindra Bharati University, she has also written the script for many All India Radio programs. She has been trained under Salil Das, Abhijit Bose, Souvick Chakraborty, Gour Sundar Gain and many others. This has led to her wide exposure to the various genres of music.


Folk music is the base of all songs “It has an earthy feel to it. This is the reason why we chose to bring out a CD on this gene of music. The audiences will be able to connect easily with the music of this CD” said Suman Chattopadhyay of Cozmik Harmony. The CD will be available online after fifteen days of releasing the music album. He even urged the people to buy the album and avoid piracy.

Abhijit Bose who released the album is the teacher of Dola Roy. Speaking at the occasion, he said “I am proud and privileged that my student is finally releasing an album on folk music. I had asked her to release the album on folk songs keeping the rhythm intact as this is her first album and the audience needs to understand her singing qualities before she starts experimenting. This will help her to gain a place in the heart of the audiences”.

The CD consists of eight songs. Songs of Hasaan Raja, Lalon Fakir, Shah Abdul Karim have been used in this music album by the artist. The CD is priced at seventy five rupees.

Priyanka Dutta


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