Indian Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor Continues to Enthuse Consumers to Satiate the Limca waali Pyaas



Summers are back and so is India’s ultimate thirst quencher, the refreshing, Lime & Lemoni, Limca. This time, only to quench the distinct, ‘Limca Waali Pyaas’, a thirst, unlike the regular. In the latest campaign, the country’s iconic soft drink brand in the cloudy lemon segment will further elevate the concept of ‘thirst’. This idea is being portrayed by the quintessential Limca girl, Indian Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor, inspiring the Limca lovers to not just drink the refreshing, hydrating beverage but also quench their thirst under demanding situations.

The campaign, through relatable and humorous stories in travel settings, differentiates between ‘Pyaas’ and ‘Limca waali pyaas’ – i.e. normal thirst and extreme physical thirst. The idea of the campaign is rooted in a basic truth – the hotter it gets or the more physically strenuous a situation becomes, the thirstier you feel and only Limca, the ultimate thirst quencher has the ability to quench that extreme thirst.

The film opens with a scene at a railway station ticket counter on a hot summer afternoon. There is a long queue of passengers at the ticket counter. As the camera pans, we see, the protagonist, Kareena Kapoor, standing at the far end of the queue. Tired and sweating on a scorching summer afternoon, she is eagerly awaiting her turn. By the time her turn comes she is already drained due to the heat.


Further her just in time arrival at the ticket counter becomes a late arrival when we hear the whistling train about to leave. She runs along to catch the departing train, but all in vain, and is left panting at the platform.

Back in the blistering heat and sweating profusely by now, she spots a vendor selling cold drinks in a bucket. Her eyes lighten up as she spots an icy cold Limca. She eagerly picks up a Limca, the ultimate thirst quencher and glugs it down impatiently. Lime n Lemoni… Limca!


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