New Kolkata Bengali Movie ‘Sudama the Half Man’ Brings to Life Bengal’s Age Old Tradition of Bahurupi



Upcoming Bengali Film Sudama- the Half Man focuses on the “Bahurupi” tradition of Bengal. This tradition is slowly dying out and this upcoming Bengali film focuses on this tradition. The film is about an individual named Sudama the Bahurupi who lives in a village and carries on with this tradition to entertain the villagers as the Bahurupi. However this same person is taunted by the villagers and also ill-treated by his own wife and mother. He is like an unwanted person in the village. This ill treatment gets on his nerves and he goes to the zamindar’s house where he prays to the Goddess Durga so that he can become a full man in his next birth. On the other hand, Sudama’s wife gets engaged in flesh trade to support her family as Sudama’s earning was not much. Seeing his miserable plight, three gods come down from heaven. What happens next? Does Sudama become a full man?


The film has been directed by Rajib Bol. The story has also been written by Rajib Bol. “The Bahurupi tradition in Bengal has a huge history dating back many years ago. When I began to write the story of this film, I did a lot of research on the topic. Otherwise the presentation would not have been perfect and facts would have been missing” said director Rajib Bol.

The music in this New Kolkata Bengali Movie has been composed by Soumitra Bhattcharya. Chandrani, Sushanta, Sriradha Bandopadhyay, Saikat Mitra, Rupam Das, Hrithik, Kharaj Mukherjee and Liton Sheikh have lent their voices to the songs in this film.


Kharaj Mukhejee, Chinmoy Ray, Ramen Roy Chowdhury, Monu Mukhopadhyay, Nilanjana, Shoma Chakraborty, Mohona, Moumita Das and Mousumi will be seen in important roles in this film.

Going by the story, this New Kolkata Bengali Movie looks interesting. However we will have to wait to see what it turns out to be.

Priyanka Dutta


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