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Window-ConnectionWhat is common between the films “Ek choti si love story”, “A short film about Love” and the recently released Bangla film “Window Connection”? Well if you are still hunting for the answers, let me give you the answer. The three of them have the same premise of a younger guy falling in love with a woman who is elder to him.

New Kolkata Bengali Movie Window Connection is about Rahul who has a disturbed family life. His parents bicker over trivial issues and keep on fighting always. This has a negative impact on the mental well being of Rahul. He hates women and avoids talking with them. His life however changes when Sohini, his neighbor comes in his life. He records her while she is bathing. However he does not use the video in a bad manner. He keeps on stalking her and she catches him red handed. She notices the innocence in his eyes and forgives him. Sohini considers him to be her friend while Rahul falls in love with her. His world comes crashing down when he learns she has a boyfriend, Abir. He tries to harm Abir. Rahul becomes so obsessed that he is ultimately sent to a mental asylum for treatment. Whether he is cured finally from this obsession or not is what the rest of the film is about.

Debutant director R.K. Gupta must be credited for presenting this simple story in such an attractive manner. The narrative is simple and this blends well with the story. The director has aptly justified the title of the New Bengali Movie Window Connection. The fact that the teenager Rahul sees the neighbor through the window and develops a relationship with the neighbor justifies the name of the movie. The climax of the movie comes as a surprise and the loose end it leaves will help in shaping up a sequel to the movie. One minor flaw that I could locate was the fact why will someone keep the door of the verandah open at night? Sohini’s door of the verandah remains open at night. This is not practical.

Music by Anupam Roy is soothing for the ears and blends well with the narrative style of the film. “Bhalobasa Bhalobasa” aptly speaks about the feelings of first love. The other song which stays back with you is “Kagoje mogoje”. This song has the haunting element of a broken heart.

Aryann Bhowmik shines in the film as Rahul. The actor who had earlier played Santu in Director Srijit Mukherji’s Mishawr Rohoshyo has very expertly handled the emotional turbulences of a teenager. His possessiveness and obsession in many of the scenes will remind one of Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the film Darr. Aryann has immense potential and with the right kind of push he will surely shape up as one of those stars whom the Bengali film industry can bank on. Tanushree acts and plays her part as Sohini well. Kanchan Mullick as the cable operator Antu brings comic relief in this film.

Window Connection is a well made film. Though the story may be familiar to many sitting in the audience, the treatment is however different which lends it a different taste. This movie will be a good weekend watch and is worth spending on.

Theatrical Trailer – Window Connection (Bengali Movie 2014) | Tanusree | Aryann (You Tube)



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