Bangla Band Mitras New Audio CD ‘Mone Robe Kina Robe’ Launched



The band Mitras released their fourth music album “Mone robe kina robe” in the presence of director Rhitobrata Bhattacharya, Dr. B. D. Mukherjee, music composer Pilu Bhattacharya, Probir Guha, Indrajit Dey and Pallav Kirtaniya. This event took place at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan in Salt Lake.

The album “Mone robe kina robe” contains eight songs of Rabindranath Tagore. Some of the songs include “Mayabono biharini”, “mone robe kina robe”, “amar mon jokhon” and so on. “Mashup” is the most happening composition of this album as this is a combination of different songs of Tagore. “The album is unique and special as we have been trying to express the Bard in our own way. Tagore’s songs have been interpreted and experimented on in various ways by many artists. We are doing our bit and paying tribute to the Bard” said Sumeli Ghosh Chakraborty, the lead vocalist of the band. The band consists of five members- Sumeli as the lead vocalist, Subha as the guitarist, Partha on rhythm guitar, Suvasish on drums and Mainak is the percussionist.


Pallav Kirtaniya whose student Sumeli is the lead vocalist of the band said “I feel honored and proud that my student has come so far and given wings to her dreams. Many students come and go. Giving wings to your dreams and realizing them is important. This is even difficult for girls as after marriage their duties increase. It feels good to see Sumeli achieve her dreams”. He also stressed on the fact that the younger generation must sing more songs of protest which has lessened a bit in recent times.

The band members after the official music release of the album also performed to some songs and kept the audience hooked to their seats.

Priyanka Dutta


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