Interview: Director Rangan Chakravarty on his new Bengali Comedy Film Baari Taar Bangla and More



After Bor Ashbe Ekhuni, director Rangan Chakravarty is back again with a comedy film Baari Taar Bangla which will be releasing soon at theatres. In a candid conversation with the director, Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta got to know about why the director took such a huge time to release his second film and his future aspirations.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaBor Ashbe Ekhuni released in 2008. You had no other release in between. And now Baari Taar Bangla is releasing. Why such a huge gap between the two films?

Rangan Chakravarty– Well to be very frank some producers showed some interest in some of the projects that I had in my mind. A Bengali film “Ami Charulata” was even announced with Rahul Bose and Ananya Chatterjee in the lead cast. But things did not fall in place and the project was stopped. This had happened with a few other projects of mine and as a result, there is a huge gap between my first and second film. May be the producers did not like my ideas or whatever.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaCan you tell us something about the story of the film Baari Taar Bangla?

Rangan Chakravarty– The story is about Rupchand Sen (Saswata) who has been writing in Bengali for a long time. However one fine day he realizes he cannot write Bengali any more. When he consults a doctor, no physical problem is detected. Then he consults a psychiatrist to understand his problem. In the course of the film he again regains his Bengali writing capacity. But how does that happen? The audience will have to go and watch the film to know that.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaThere is much hype about the twelve looks of Saswata in this film. Why do we see him in so many different shades?

Rangan Chakravarty– While narrating about his life’s incidents to the psychiatrist, Rupchand Sen’s various ages have been shown- from four to his present age. Hence the need for so many different looks for Saswata.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWhy did you select Saswata and Raima for the roles?

Rangan Chakravarty– Saswata has been acting for a long time and he has an experience of working in myriad kinds of films. I needed a powerful actor to carry out this role and it is Saswata on whom I could rely for such a performance. I also needed an actor who is well conversant in Bengali and will therefore understand the milieu of the film and the crisis shown.

As for selecting Raima, I felt that she will suit the role fine. This is because the psychiatrist is a modern Bengali girl. She is a Bengali by heart but you will not be able to understand this by seeing her external appearance. She may speak English fluently and be dressed in jeans and T-shirts, but when challenged she will prove her “Bangaliana” to the utmost extent. Raima according to me suited this charecter the best.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYour earlier film was also a comedy and this soon to be released one is also a comedy. You seem to have a knack for making comedy films…

Rangan Chakravarty– Well I like comedy films. Films of Bhanu Bandopadhyay, Uttam Kumar, Robi Ghosh ae some which inspire me. Even Priyadarshan’s films like Malamaal Weekly are those that I like. I dislike the typical slapstick comedy films like Housefull. For me comedy should be like Sukumar Ray’s works. Or one can also give the example of Charles Chaplin who portrayed sadness and grief through comedy. Bengali films in the 80’s and 90’s era had a hard time in this genre. Good actors were made to do ham acting and slapstick comedies were sold in the name of comedy. Thankfully things have changed and now comedy is taking a new shape.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYou are now settled in Mumbai. Have you tried approaching the producers in Mumbai for your projects?

Rangan Chakravarty– The producers in Bengal where I am fairly known are often not interested and I simply cannot expect the producers in Mumbai to give me much attention. However talks are on and meanwhile I am focusing on my advertising job.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWhat next can the audience expect from you?

Rangan Chakravarty– I have some interesting scripts. Let’s see whether they can take the shape of a film in future.

The long locked Baari Taar Bangla is all set to release on May 16 and we wish the entire team of this New Kolkata Bengali Movie The Very Best and Hope that it is able to thoroughly entertain the audience as well as make a mark at the Ticket Window!!


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