Bengali Movie Arundhati Makes Way for Topics on Supernatural Occurances in Bengali Cinema



Arundhati, the Upcoming Bengali Film is a film based on reincarnation and past life history. Koel Mullick, Indraneil Sengupta, Bharat Kaul, Sujit Mondol, N.K.Salil were present during the press conference of Arundhati at Oberoi Grand Hotel.


Speaking at the occasion, Koel Mullick said “I had a hard time shooting the stunts in the film. They were very strenuous and demanded a lot of energy on my part. However I had a good experience during the shooting of this film”. The actress also urged the audience to watch the film as this is a completely entertaining family film. The actress also revealed that she took ample time before she actually decided to say yes for the role of Arundhati. “I took the time because I had to be mentally and physically prepared for such a role. The role was very demanding and without good preparation, I would not be able to do justice to the role” said the pretty actress.


The dialogues in the film are not the typical ones that we get to hear in the Bengali films. Since this is a story of reincarnation, the dialogues of the older generation have a lot of words which are not often spoken in our day to day usage in modern times. Dialogue writer N.K.Salil said “I had to do a lot of research regarding the type of language that the earlier generations might have used. Without this the dialogues would not sound authentic. I had the Gita and some Purans in front of me when I wrote the dialogues”.


Indraneil Sengupta who will be seen playing the role of Kalrudra in this film said “This is an extremely difficult role not because of the negativity in the character but because of the long hours of makeup sessions that I had to go through. I used to reach before the others and leave after they had gone back home. This was indeed very challenging” said the actor.

Arundhati is slated for release on the 30th of May.


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